Nadya Raessa


I love dressing Nadya up. I think that’s pretty obvious if u follow me on Instagram. 

Maybe it’s just me but i always put in extra effort dressing myself up when i go out. It does not necessarily have to be expensive clothes, bags & shoes as long as i look decent enough. 

So it’s natural that i do the same for Nadya! 

She’s barely 2 years old but love it when i dress her up in pretty dresses. She picked up one of her sunglasses the other day and immediately put it on before we leave the house. Even had it up on her head because that’s what mummy & papa do! 😂

But the best part is always wearing matching colours with her! I use to wear blacks ALL THE TIME and then i started injecting few colours here & there so i can match with Nadya. Kemarok! Lol

I try to keep her outfits simple and classic because the last thing i want is to see her cringe at her baby photos when she’s older. Lol.

But we shall see. Cos i know when she’s slightly older, she’ll want to have a say for her outfits pulak. I only hope she don’t ask for those rubber boots. Cos i hate them and i think they’re tacky as hell. Hahaha.

But that’s just me. I just hope Nadya feels the same way.  😂
*fingers crossed*

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