Deardyan Vlogs!

Pretty obvious from the title that i’ve finally started vlogging! Slowly but surely!
Been procrastinating on this for so long cos first of all, i didn’t think i’ll be comfortable speaking on camera. Asyik tersasul je and if you know me personally, you’ll know i have a high-pitch voice. Kadang aku dengar, aku yang annoyed. HAHAHAHA.

And then came Snapchat & Instagram Stories, i yakked non-stop. Tak comfortable lah konon tapi bebual tak stop apa cerita. So yeah i figure i’m comfortable enough to speak on camera and to be doing it in public. But not comfortable enough to be doing beauty reviews ke apa so we’ll stick to vlogs for now.

It’ll probably be as & when i’m free to take videos and edit the short videos into a proper video (hopefully less than 10mins) although i hope to do it consistently.

If you’re wondering why i’ve decided to vlog and i’ve mentioned this to some friends before this, i really want to preserve memories of Nadya’s childhood as much as i can. Videos of our daily life, of her growing up would be really great to show when she’s older and this might sound really morbid but when Allah takes Nadya / Rusly away from me someday, i hope these videos will provide me comfort knowing i can watch these videos again & again. Likewise, when Allah takes me away from them, i want them to be able to watch the videos and understand how i feel from behind the camera. 😦

So yeah, if you want to have a peek into our daily life, you can watch or subscribe to my channel here.

Sama-sama kita doakan aku tak semangat maggi. Ok bye.

3 thoughts on “Deardyan Vlogs!”

  1. Will sure support u! I am trying to get used to speaking to the camera in public… Asyik voice over je, Macam boring…

    For insta n Snapchat, I’m still confuse if I should do more on snapchat or insta… Bila rajin, I’ll duplicate the video… Bila malas both takde! Haha

      1. Yes voice over takes up lot of time… but now I still shy nak talk in public… lol! But ur first video was good, I’m sure ull produce good one!

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