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New York City Day 4

On a roll, baby. On a rollllll.

We did more touristy stuff on this day, visited some of New York’s popular landmarks. Not sure if i’ve mentioned this but we did not get the New York Pass and did not regret it at all cos we are not particularly interested in museums etc and also cos we really took our time to explore places, it would be such a waste of money since we would not be able to complete most of the attractions offered by the New York Pass anyway.

Off we go to Rockefeller Centre. Since we didn’t have the New York Pass, i only wanted to spend money on either Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building to get the New York view and after reading so many reviews, i decided on Rockefeller Centre.

Mainly cos of the top to floor glass windows and the view of the Empire State Building itself! We arrived Rockefeller Centre, bought the tickets at the Online-Kiosk and pay via CC. If you prefer to pay by Cash, there’s also a counter to do that but because the queue is longer, i chose the online kiosk. You can also purchase the ticket online before you go lah actually. We arrived there at about 2.00pm but the next available slot is 3.15 – 3.30pm so we thought we’ll grab a bite 1st while waiting. I actually like the whole time slot idea cos the queue to go up the Viewing area is short and also it’s not maha crowded cos they control the no of guests at the viewing area so you don’t have to jostle with anyone for a spot to amik gambar and all.

14657332_10154670088788656_8762336013330214607_n14666328_10154668563173656_4215210775359908159_nSo while waiting, of course carik chance to go Magnolia Bakery cos they have an outlet at Rockefeller Plaza itself. Bought the huge tub of Banana Pudding for us to share and we sat at the fountain area across Rockefeller Plaza and melantak. IT IS SO SEDAP! I’m not kidding. You have to try it when you’re there. It’s creamy and tak sweet potong kaki sangat! We wanted to pack & bring home another tub home but cos we’ll be out the whole day, confirm dia dah tak serupa banana pudding when we get back to the apartment.


We jalan-jalan around Rockefeller Plaza, had sushi at this sushi joint run by a few Indonesians! So cute lah. We were eating our sushi and we heard the counter staff speaking in Bahasa so i talked to them and asked how long they’ve been in NY and all!

At 3.15pm, we went up the lift to the viewing area, the staff are so nice to put us in priority queue since we have a stroller with us. Took us less than 10mins to be done with security checks etc and we’re up!


The weather was about 28 deg that day so we had a clear view. So pretty! Blue skies and all. ❤

We lepak-lepak at the viewing area, people watch, took lotsa pictures of Nadya. HAHAHAHA


We left the place by 4+ cos nak cepat go Grand Central Terminal before the peak hours.
It was about 10minutes walk from Rockefeller Centre. I initially wanted to singgah Ess-A-Bagel cos a reader recommended that to me but boleh terlupa pulak! Urgggh. I love Bagels seh. So sayang!


Grand Central Terminal! That place left me in awe! How can a train station be that nice & majestic! Aku kalau boleh twirl in the middle of Grand Central, i would have done so! Nevermind it is so busy & crowded and everybody jalan cepat gila sampai susah nak amik gambar but it’s really such a nice place and so iconic you definitely must go!

We walked a bit more and head towards one of the New York attraction that made me wanna go New York when i was a small kid. Lol


Ni semua gara-gara Ghostbusters lah ni! I saw the movie when i was young and was in awe when i saw the scene yang dorang nak tangkap hantu kat sini. I love the library when i was young so naturally when i saw this huge-ass library as a kid, it was an instant “i wanna go there one day!“. Then bila dah besar, i was obsessed with Gossip Girls and that perasaan nak go New York makin membuak-buak. HAHAHAH. Diam lah.


I really wanted to step in & take a look but it was peak hours by then and we got to move quick cos it was starting to get crowded everywhere and cos we were hungryyyy! Nak makan nasi padahal baru 4th day there. Perangai melayu.

We walked all the way to 8th avenue, sempat masuk Sephora, tengok street performances and all before arriving One Thai Chef!

2016-11-16-02-48-072016-11-16-02-47-49We ordered the Tom Kha Gai Soup and ordered the Basil Chicken Fried Rice for myself.
I wouldn’t say the food is fantastic but it was not bad lah. But the portion was besar gila, we requested to pack some home!

We headed home after that, with aching legs. Did so much walking today or so we thought. Lol. We didn’t know we’ll be doing even more walking the next few days!

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