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New York City Day 3

We went out quite late again on this day cos Monday blues. Hahaha.
After the previous night’s adventure at Times Square yang ribut, we thought it’ll be great to see Times Square on a weekday afternoon and see it in a different light.

2016-10-17-16-04-59-12016-10-17-17-38-24-hdrdsc09203So glad we did cos it was so much more manageable! It was crowded still but not as crowded as the night before. The weather however dah start naik to 24 degs so dah start ah ni bahang2 and we weren’t prepared for it! Lol.

Since we were at Times Square, we went over to City Kitchen at Row NYC. It’s like an atas food court area but I only had my eyes set on Luke’s Lobster! I wanted to try it during our Japan trip tapi tak kesampaian so we tried it here instead and omg so sedap! We got the meal with Lobster Bisque (US$23.00) which is so sedap jugak cos there were chunks of lobsters inside. Sighhhh. Also tried the Choc Caramel Doughnut from Dough. I wasn’t that impressed though. I think it was quite dry? It was huge though so after a while macam jelak pulak.

We jalan2 some more at Times Square and then took the subway to Upper West Side to go to Crave Fishbar. Prior to the trip i googled for places to enjoy Oysters Happy Hours cos apparently it’s quite common in New York and we opted for Crave Fishbar cos of the good reviews and accessibility.


All the oysters were at $1.00 each and i told the waiter to surprise us cos they have a wide selection. We took a dozen so he gave us 6 different types each! I love one of them. It was so meaty and sedap lah but i forgot the name! Really love Crave Fishbar cos the waiters were attentive to everyone’s needs. You can see them going around asking diners if their meal is fine. There were kids meals available too so we chose the pan-fried salmon & potatoes for Nadya which we end up finishing cos the portion was too huge for her. Niat di hati nak drop by Momofuku after that but it was getting dark and dah penat kehu kehilir with Nadya in the carrier so we left the place by 7.00pm, jalan2 a bit at Upper West Side before making our way back to the apartment.

I actually took more pictures at Times Square but somehow it went missing from my SD Card. So sedih.

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