Our Little Family, The Travel Tales

Tokyo Day 1 (Gyumon)

First dinner for our Tokyo trip gotta be Gyumon! It’s like a must-go for all muslims when they go over to Tokyo! Now i know why. It was so so good we end up eating twice there.

Directions to Gyumon by Farhana here was helpful!
We managed to reach the place safely following her pictorial instruction.


Shibuya! Well, the restaurant is located at Shibuya. Just make sure you exit from the Hachiko Exit.

The Halal Menu is limited. I’ll be honest. But really you don’t need 20 other meal options if that one option available is darn good!

We both chose the ¥4,000 (S$50.00) Halal BBQ Set cos we’re not really head over heels about chicken meat. Beef? YES PLEASE!

Macam nak bbq si Nadya ni pun ada.


And you know what else is da bomb? That sambal! I know, it’s so weird to go gaga over sambal. In japan. Kau dah kenapa dyan?
But i’m not kidding you, that sambal, eat with hot rice & bbq beef. Ya Allah, nikmatnya! Especially during winter. We kept asking for that sambal seh. Perangai.


So nice! It’s not even heavily marinated. Tapi sedap gila. I don’t know what they feed their cows over there. Asal daging dorang sedap sangat ni.

Address: 3-14-5 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
Contact No.: 
+81 3-5469-2911

They are opened from 5.00pm – 4.00pm except for sunday where they operate from 5.00pm – 12.00am. I would suggest you come early, like 6.00pm. Especially on weekends cos we saw them turning away some customers cos there were no available seats.

The second time we were there, we occupied a table that was meant for 6 pax and they also turned away some customers even though there were space for 4 pax on our table. We had to tell the waiter to ask them if they wanna share our table cos so kesian walk all the way in the cold then kena turn away. Turns out to be a Singaporean family so we made new friends!

Talking about making new friends, we saw a few Muslim families there in Tokyo.
Rusly & me are quite friendly lah, i would say. Especially Rusly. I know he look very garang but he always make it a point to say hello to people and then initiate conversations. I take a little bit more time cos i like to study people first (I know, i’m so judgemental sometimes! )

But you know, many times we smiled at other muslim travellers, they looked at us funny seh. Macam “dekni apahal“. Why sehhhh.

But oh wells.


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