Random Ramblings

Home Alone

Ok technically not alone cos Nadya’s sleeping in the room.
but yeah, Rusly’s away for his jamming session and won’t be back till after midnight. Nadya slept at about 8.00pm just now. It’s already 11.00pm now and i just had 3hrs of uninterrupted me-time.

U’ll learn to appreciate me-time when you’re a mom. Nadya is cute gila but really sometimes i just want a break from all the baby talk and cleaning up after her.

So what did i do during that 3 hour?
Caught up with Pretty Little Liars, binge on some snacks we brought back from Tokyo, M&Ms & air-fried some crabsticks. So yummy.

2016-02-11 21.39.05

Is it also weird that sometimes i prefer being alone and refuse to talk to anyone or reply messages? Like the other day, Rusly told me to call the part-time maid to come over and help me with the unpacking from our trip and i refused. Cos i don’t want to talk to anybody. I just needed some quiet time and do things at my own pace.

The maid came in today though. I give up. Too many laundry to do.
I hate laundry.

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