my baby is 6mths old today!! 

I’ve started her on solids 2 weeks ago, just for fun. She’s really like carrots so far and we’ve tried pumpkin & banana as well so far. Next week would be apple & buttersquash nut. So fun to see her eat. She was really interested initially but didn’t really like eating much the 1st few days.. But i kept trying and Alhamdulillah she is fine with eating. 

She has been lifting up her upper body like a champion tapi bontot masih berat so yeapp.. Ikut mak dia ah suspek. 

Will write more on her eating journey soon cos i’m actually on mobile, stuck in a jam. Lol.

So excited for this year’s Raya. Mainly for her. Not much for me & Rusly. The house is still tonggang terbalik and i’m not in a rush to do anything yet. Although i’ve been doing some changes to Nadya’s room! Did some Daiso & IKEA hack. So cute! Nanti lah dah siap betul2 baru tunjuk ok. 

I think Nadya is ready to sleep in her own room. By 8.30pm, she’ll be fast asleep and i’ll change her diapers by 11.30pm and give her last feed if she happen to wake up during diaper change and then she’ll sleep till 9.00am the next morning. 

Mummy also macam dah ready to let her sleep in her own room. Tapi suspek bapak dia tak ready. 

Step macam kalau budak tu nangis malam2, dia pulak yang bangun. Menyampah aku. 

3 thoughts on “six”

  1. Hahahah the last line! Eh but at almost 10 months Maliq still wakes up at night. And he only sleeps at 10 or 11pm every night and wakes up at like 6 or 7am every day (although when he’s very very tired, that can stretch for a few more hours). I’ve been craving for a good long sleep!

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