New Boy on The Block

So we have a new addition in the group!
10986992_10153450376348656_1175106282767632611_nBudak malu-malu nak bukak mata. Tak tau dia malu ke or tak kuasa cos we were making so much noise and he slept through it. Oh i miss the newborn days!

As always, it’s a riot when we meet. We shared funny anecdotes on labour. Now that we’ve survived labour, it’s funny lah kan. It’s so nice to see the group expanding. When we all 1st met properly, Rina was pregnant with Shafa, although some of us actually met at Farna’s wedding and Shafa is turning one veryyyyy soon!

11219363_10153450376138656_6149907671059204508_nBefore we know it, we have a new mummy and another soon-to-be mummy. Izan will have another friend in September!

Did not realised how big Nadya is now until i put her next to a newborn. Tiba2 anak aku macam besar pulak. Where did my newborn go?

Nadya seems to like Ezdee a lot! She went on and on ‘talking’ to E, macam dia tau Aunty E is carrying a boy, kan!

Nadya nak adik? Nak adik? Nak adik?

2 thoughts on “New Boy on The Block”

  1. Lol kesian pakcik teksi aku KO. Next time I’ll make sure he tak amek shift the day before he meets u guys again ok! Hahahha

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