Nadya is 4 months old now and oh my what a difference these 2 weeks has been!
How and why do babies grow super fast.

So many things happened but i gotta chop chop and pen this down before i forget everything! I’m actually glad i did a monthly update for my pregnancy cos i love reading back and go “oh yeaaahhh.. i totally forgot about this!”

So i’m making sure i do a monthly update for nadya because honest to God, i cannot catch up sometimes!

Nadya can now sit up assisted. We let her sit in her Bumbo seat and i know that Bumbo seat is damn controversial. Some people said it’s good some people no good for development. Anyway, i’ve read about it’s pros and cons and i’m still using it. If you have issues with it, then don’t use it for your baby.

So yes, back to the Bumbo seat, she can sit up quite well when she’s in it but obviously she can’t sit up by herself lah kan. Or if we prop her up with pillows or place her at the corner of the sofa, she could actually sit up without toppling over.


She love to raise her legs up high in the air now and then if nobody’s looking, she’ll put them feet in her mouth. Really cheeky. And no, please don’t tell me nadya nak ada adik baru. LOL

and she’s in the hospital baby cot cos we visited one of my girlfriend’s new baby! So adorable and kecik and squishy. Macam nak magic-kan Nadya to turn her back jadi gitu. or maybe not.

Not sure if i’ve mentioned this before but i know i’ve mentioned this to close friends many times. Both Nadya & Rusly had a hard time adjusting to each other initially. Rusly was ready for Fatherhood but he was overwhelmed by everything and got scared of Nadya. He won’t admit it but i can see fear in his eyes when he carries Nadya. HAHAHAHAHA.

Babies, i believe can sense that fear i guess? Whenever Rusly picks her up, she’ll bawl macam her favourite pet is dead gitu. and when she cries bloody murder, Rusly kancheong and pass her back to me and i’ll get annoyed because i’ll think Rusly is not trying. Now go back full circle again until one day, somehow these worked out their personal issues together, and now they’re best-friends-forever.

Nadya adoreeeeees her father. Somehow she’ll nap before her Papa is home and then automatically wake up just before he comes home and because i usually don’t allow Rusly to pick her up immediately until he has washed up and all, you could see Nadya searching for her Papa with her big round eyes. Kepala sampai senget2 ikutkan mana Papa dia pergi. So so cute!

I’m guessing she’ll prefer Rusly to me very very soon because Rusly always do stupids things with her. So yes, soon i’ll be left out. Dahlah muka photocopy. I just cannot get over how similar they both look! Especially when they sleep. HAHAHAHA.

We had an impromptu date out on a sunday cos the parents came over and kidnapped Nadya away and we kinda allowed them to! Macam “amik lah amik lah budak ni.” #parentingfail.

So once Nadya was out, i told Rusly “eh i siap2 eh? kita keluar.”
tak kasi chance orang tu reply pun. We initially wanted to catch a movie tapi Avengers dah nak abis so the timing pun a bit merepek so kita lupakan saja and probably wait for it to appear on Starhub VOD or kalau aku rajin, nanti download beli.

We also managed to squeeze in a short KL trip with my family to get some wedding stuff for my sisters. We didn’t get to eat stuff that i realllly wanna eat and trust me it’s a long list so Rusly promised me another trip in October for my birthday weekend!

Just before we left KL, guess what i discovered?

IMG_1030My baby girl sprouted 2 bottom teeth! No wonder she’s extra drooly these days. Like really drooly i cannot take it seh. 

Didn’t notice it at 1st and then she was crying while we’re having breakfast at Pelita and i saw white stuff in her mouth! I literally yanked her mouth open and felt rough edges at the bottom.

She has no fever yet but has been extra cranky and whiny. She’s making that whiny sound that’s so monotonous, bunyi macam engine speedboat. Lol.

6 thoughts on “four”

  1. Eh funny how you’re saying you want to rewind time back to when Nadya was a newborn. I nak fast forward pula so Rayyan can be bigger and mummy can finally finish confinement lol!!!

    1. hahahha because you’re going through that dready 4th trimester! Time tu pun i sama, cannot wait for nadya to grow faster. kalau boleh nak dia duduk cepat2 hahahha. Over seh.

      Then now bila dah 4mths, u kinda dah settle down ngan baby dah tau routine dia and all, it gets easier and when u see a newborn, you cannot help but wish you’re holding your newborn baby again.
      So as cliche as it may sound, just enjoy the newborn period. they grow up really fast!

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