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Penang, 2015

Oh finally had time to draft this out before i forget everything and it’s gonna be a long post cos it’ll be the only Penang post cos i don’t want to subject you to many many Penang Day 1, Day 2, day 3 & Day 4 posts. And because i got no time. Lol. May 1, 2015 Reached Penang International Airport at 6.50pm. We’ve made prior arrangements with the driver to pick us from the airport to the 1st hotel we’ll staying at Georgetown. Would totally recommend our driver, Morgan if you’re looking for a tour guide / pickup service in Penang. He’s friendly and chatty but not overly chatty bordering annoying, you know what i mean. He also have a vast knowledge on Penang history and was able to answer most of our questions so our car ride was really interesting with all the itsy bitsy informations that he was able to provide. You can reach him via Whatsapp at +60174031294. Since we only need a place to stay overnight at Georgetown, we chose a 3-start Royale Bintang Hotel to sleep and also cos we wanna roam around Georgetown the next day. The hotel is not bad actually! Check-in was brisk and the room is comfortable and clean! DSC00072 We then head out to Line Clear Nasi Kandar since it’s 24 hours and everyone told us we need to go and eat at Line Clear. However, when we went there, most of the good stuff were out so we didn’t have any vegetables and i love vegetables. I need vegetables in my meals. Lol I did have the crunchy fried chicken and the gigantic prawn though! So so nice! DSC00082   May 2, 2015 We checked out of Royale Bintang the next day and met Morgan for our day trip around Georgetown. I was interested to go to the Nyonya Mansion or better known as the Peranakan Museum. I’ve been interested in the Nyonya lifestyle ever since i watched The Little Nyonya many years back. LOL

It was very insightful. The place is HUGE! Can you believe it was a real house which belonged to a Nyonya before it was bought over by someone who then turned it over to a Museum. So many gold stuff in there and beaded stuff. It was amazing. We then head over to Chew Jetty. Morgan told us to take a look cos it was one of Unesco World Heritage site. It was basically a long walkway littered with stilthouses.

You know the 1st thing me & rusly said when we peeped into the houses? BESAR GILA! It’s so big & long and dorang chill kacang bukak pintu rumah macam takde pape. Most of them operate a mini shop from home. Like this fried ice cream we had! So yums! After all that, of course we just have to drop by Kapitan and eat their Naans! DSC00174Butter chicken is so sedap. After all the food, we then told Morgan to ahead to Batu Ferringhi so we can check in to our next place. The entire journey from Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi took about 45 mins and i was amazed at how modern Penang actually is. There were so many pretty apartments overlooking the sea. It kinda reminds me of Singapore a littleeeee bit. Macam Singapore baru nak naik, that kind. We then checked in to our next accommodation, Parkroyal Penang. Decided to splurge a little and got ourselves the Deluxe Seaview room but got an even better room! One that has direct access to a gorgeous garden from our balcony. IMG_9220 IMG_9216 Love the room size! It was big enough to fit in a baby cot and we could still move freely. Service was really good. Everybody was friendly and check-in was really brisk. We didn’t even have to go to the check-in counter. They made us sit at the lounge, served drinks & cold towel while they settled all the paperwork and brought it over to us instead. Love this!

We then head off to check out the Night market but it was the same old thing. like our usual Pasar Malam where they sell souvenirs, cheap stuff and you know, Grade AAA handbags. Hahahaha. So we looked out for a place to have dinner instead. I didn’t wanna have Indian / Arab food so we were looking out for a Halal seafood place and finally found one at I Love You Cafe which is basically a food court lah actually! IMG_9237 Got this couple set at RM$55.00 which is less than S$20.00. Weak MYR, ftw! We wanted to do a foot reflex after that cos they were littered all over Batu Ferringhi but it was nadya’s bedtime already! Priorities, people! May 3, 2015  I told Rusly we won’t be going out today. We’ll stay in the room and enjoy the aircon. HAHAHA. Perangai nak step honeymooners. Started off with breakfast, which was of course included in our hotel stay. I love the breakfast spread!! It was extensive compared to Royal Bintang. We chilled in the room some more before ordering room service for lunch and it was yummmmeeeehhhhh! IMG_9260   That Laksa Penang is so so yummy! That Bread & Butter Pudding was ok, but the vanilla ice cream that came with it had bits of Vanilla pods in it! I’m no fan of anything Vanilla cos i find it boring but the ice cream is so sedap i tell you. Vanilla pods made a whole lot of difference! We went swimming right after that. Yes, orang gila je buat gitu. Selamat tak muntah.

We also took the chance to check out the beach area. IMG_9244   Wouldn’t exactly describe it as clean but the beach area was quite popular with the locals!

we cleaned up after that and got ourselves ready for our sunset dinner by the beach! They had some Grill Night that day so we went along and it was good! IMG_9279

We saw the most amazing sunset. It was amazing and humbling. IMG_9301 What do i think of Penang? I never thought i would love Penang, honestly! My parents thought Penang was boring when they went over last year but i find Penang really nice. It is a nice heritage place with it’s own charm. Batu Ferringhi reminded me of Krabi, one of my favourite place to be! However, Penang is not exactly cheap. Flight tickets to Penang are cheap and while a decent hotel at Georgetown is quite cheap between $60 – $100 per night, if you intend to stay at Batu Ferringhi, be prepared to pay at least $150/night and that’s for 3 star hotels. Or a Superior room at 4 star hotels. We paid $245/night for our Grand Deluxe room. That was comparable to Hard Rock Hotel but i didn’t want to stay at Hard Rock Hotel fearing it might be a lil bit too noisy. Although the pool looks really really nice! We chose Parkroyal in the end cos it was right smack in the centre and was more family friendly. Food in general is cheaper if you buy from those food courts etc but makan place like Nasi Kandar & Kapitan is not exactly cheap2 like the ones at KL. Oh and it’s not easy to find Halal local food like Penang Char Kway Teow & Laksa Penang cos Penang is mostly populated by the Indians & Chinese so their local food places were mostly managed by the chinese. Would i go over Penang again? YES! Maybe next time, we’ll stay at Gurney Drive and come back to Batu Ferringhi again but we have many more trips to look forward to. KL, Krabi & Jogja this year and we’re heading to Japan in February for Rusly’s birthday. Totally maximising the “Free Air Ticket for Infants” before Nadya turns 2! LOL

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    1. Yes! I think Penang hotels are not bad! The Royale Bintang one had those subtle Peranakan tiles in the bathroom. So pretty.

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