Counting blessings

For 2 years, it was hard & painful to go on Facebook and see all those Mother’s Day cards and presents. Will i ever get to celebrate Mother’s Day? I often ask myself. 

You have no idea the no of period tracking app, ovulation kits & pregnancy kits i’ve bought. The amount of time i’ve spent online to read up on pregnancy symptoms and think that “maybe this month is my lucky month! But another stupid pregnancy test with “NOT PREGNANT” shows up immediately. #%@&$!
And then our struggle to conceive ended on 9 May 2014. The very same day, a year ago. I took 6 pregnancy tests just to be sure. That was one of the happiest time of my life. It was few days shy from Mother’s Day. The perfect gift for both my mom and my late MIL.
I’m now a mother. Each day, i count my blessings. Grateful that Allah gave me the chance to be one. To nurture one of his umat. Thankful i was given this amanah. But i’ll never forget that dark place i’ve been in.
As u celebrate Mother’s Day, take the time to also remember your friends / family who’s trying hard to conceive. It is a painful journey and i hope one day, you get to feel that joy i felt when i saw the positive test kits. It can happen if you put your mind to it. Most importantly, with His will. InshaAllah.

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