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*throws confetti*
ok takmo excited sangat!

Although i don’t know how i’ll survive the 8hrs flight. I’m so stressed up thinking of that.
But on a happier note, i can’t wait for this trip. I can’t wait to go Theme Parks and all.

Oh, do you know i have not been to USS yet? As in play the rides and all. Β I’m so merepek, benda tu dah bukak berzaman2 pun i refuse to go. IΒ don’t know what’s holding me back. Maybe the fact that there’s so many china tourist there agaknya.

I’ve applied for Visa, travel insurance, booked a service apartment and booked Theme Park tickets online.
I’ve searched for car rental. We’ll be self-driving. Not sure why because according to my friends, Gold Coast is very easy to get by but we still wanna drive just for the fun of it.

Apart from Theme Parks, we’re also going jetboating. I’ve always always wanted to do that seh.
Because i probably will never go Jet-skiing myself, Jetboating would be the next best option! Kalau terbalik pun terbalik ramai-ramai. Hahaha

Since most of the attraction and shopping mall will be closed by 5.00pm, i really wanna know what else we can do there at night. I’m such a night person, i need to go out do something. So if you’ve been there and you have suggestions for me, let me know?

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  1. Omg have an awesome time! The theme parks are wayy better than USS! My friends and I also drove around so you would be fine. I can’t remember what we did at night though (it was 6 yrs ago yikes).. probably just dinner – eateries are still open after 5pm, and relaxing in the hotel at night after since we completely tire ourselves out in the day haha

    1. I was told the Surfer’s Paradise area would still be bustling at night and i’ll probably go to the night market since i’ll be there on Friday. I’ll probably tire myself in the day too. Hopefully tired enough to have a good night sleep!

  2. The last time I went Gold Coast was 3yrs ago and we stayed around the surfer’s paradise area… the shops and some eateries there closed pretty late. When everything was closed we just froze our butts by the beach. Lol!

    Have fun babe!

  3. Have fun! We went to gold coast in 2012. True what E said, the theme parks are was better than USS. We enjoyed movie world – start with the green lantern ride first and then build up the intensity from there πŸ™‚
    My hubby and i walked from the beach back to our hotel one night. Another night, we checked out the cafes around the area. Another night, we stayed in and cook up a meal with stuff we have bought from their local market. Movie date night, perhaps? πŸ™‚
    Enjoy gold coast!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks babe! yes i was thinking of getting seafood, tapao bawak balik and connect the ipad to the TV and have our own movie night since we rarely get to do that back home. Maybe for once, i don’t need to be out & about the entire day on a holiday.

  4. Hi Dyan, I went Gold Coast last Nov for work trip and I would highly recommend you to try Charis Seafood. Fresh fish and chips that just melts in your mouth and if you’re a fan of oysters, the more you should get it! Way bigger and fresher as compared to Carousel. The tartar sauce was so good that we went in to ask for more but was told they charge AUD2. We bought it anyway.

    We went after our trip to Movie World (around 6pm) and dined there. The place is facing a lagoon, so it was very breezy and we even managed to catch the sunset.

    Have an enjoyable trip!!

    PS: Bring your own packets/bottle of chilli if you need cos they only have ketchup and most importantly, don’t feed the birds. πŸ™‚

      We have included Charis Seafood for our last day. How is the price like and all? And for the seafood, do we just pick & choose and then they cook for us on whichever style?

  5. Hi Dyan, I just came back from Gold Coast Last month for my honeymoon trip. It was super duper fun. The theme park was amazing, better than USS.

    There are night market every wed, fri & sun at the surfer paradise beachfront which operate from 5pm – 10 pm.
    The largest timezone to fill your time which closed very late.
    The wax museum which operate from 10 am – 10 pm.
    Ripleys Believe it or not which operate from 9 am till late
    Harbourtown & Pacfic fair shopping central operate from 9am – 7pm (Only on Thursday) otherwise normal day 9am – 5pm.

    Those shops around surfer paradise closed quite late, do bring along your sweater or cardigan if you wanna roam around at night cos it will be windy and cold. Public buses are convenient and australian people are very nice and courtesy. Do enjoy your trip there. Cos u will love it!

    1. Thank you love! That was really helpful! Guess i would stick to Surfer’s Paradise at night and see what i can get away with! Will definitely bring a sweater along!

  6. The fish and chips was ard AUD9-12 and oysters were quite pricey for a dozen (definitely less than AUD20 but they are big!). Sorry I can’t provide you with the exact price cos our tour guide was the one who ordered for us. Not sure bout the seafood thou but what my tour guide told us was it’s pricey (b’cos it’s very fresh).

    Maybe you want to try squeeze in another day and visit this place on top of your last day b’cos you will probably be thinking of it when you get home. Which happens to me but sadly my apartment was in Brisbane.

    Since it’s gonna be quite breezy, have a sweater along ok? πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks babe! We are probably going to Lazy Lobster on the 2nd last day and Charris on the last day. I don’t think i can squeeze in another Seafood dinner. Nanti balik singapore i get all my rashes! Hahahah but thank you so much for the tips!

  7. okay i no need to give any more tips because everything orang lain dah kasi at the top! hahahaha

    but yes, please have lots and lots of fun!!! i LOVED the rollercoaster rides like crazy, so much so bila patah balek singapore and go USS macam dah takde pape lah eh. duduk kat rollercoaster USS boleh menguap hahahaha

    i stayed at surfers’ paradise and they have night markets that you can roam around at! loved the weather too, malam macam the whole country ada aircon switched on lol

    1. Hahhahaha ok maybe i won’t sampai menguap segala at USS cos i still find rollercoasters terrifying. I’m looking forward to the angin sepoi2. It is so damn hot here in SG.

  8. Have fun! Went there like when I was 12 and remembered Dream World and Movie World haha. Have fun and blog about it! Rasa macam nak makan fish and chips pulak now.

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