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1 week later.

Oh hello!!It has been a while since i update anything.
Work has been dominating me for the past week cos of the Career expo we did over the weekends.

This is the 2nd Career Expo i did with the Co. and it’s still as tiring as ever.
My legs are still jiggly from the thought of it. All the running around, the standing macam patung paid off on the last day though!

I have not done anything much for the wedding, except for the Bunga Rampai case.

I am still undecided on the colours i wanna have for his Dulang Hantaran. Sekejap nak brown and cream. Then today, i thought, why not inject more colour and have turquoise in it instead. Brown and Turquiouse. . Hmmm.

I have more or less decided how i want my invites to be. Will share with you once i have things firmed up.

I can’t believe it’s gonna be April soon. Like seriously??
I thought i just heard people shouting “Happy New Year”, like recently?

I’m left with about 6months. Financially, we are trying to save every bit we can. No short holidays even. Trust me, im tempted to run off to Bali or Krabi right now.

April is gonna be a good month for me to do all my DIY Stuffs since i be working Mon – Wed only for the 1st 3 weeks of April. Lucky, i know. *beams*

I’m gonna drag the boy to Arab Street soon to buy ribbons and all the nitty-gritty just because i felt like shopping. I rarely shop for things i like nowadays. It’s always practical stuffs and things i need for the weddings. I didn’t know i can actually do it, you know. lol

and oh! me and my other girlfriends are now planning for a hen night for one of my gf who’s gonna get hitched in June. I’m not saying anything, just in case she manage to chance upon my blog. lol

But it’s gonna be something different from what we have done before and i bet she will have a good time.

I kind of have told my girlfriends what i want for my hen night! hahaha
That’s because they are all hopeless with planning. All the previous hen night were planned by me and it’s no surprise when they initially have no idea what to do for mine but i have told me roughly what i wanted and got them to work it out themselves. lol

Next week gonna be a tad busy too cos the boy and his mates will be having their own showcase on 9th April with Black Box. I’m excited cos i know just how passionate the boy is with his music.

They have always wanted their own showcase and now they have got one!

my boy on far left. *swoons.* lol

I don’t know if i have told u guys before but his Band plays at Weddings as well.
Both Live Band and Acoustic.

Let me know if you are interested. I’ll be sure to give you a discount!

You can check them out at their Official Website or at Facebook
We are still in the midst of editing and uploading the videos though, so if you are interested to see them play at their showcase,
you can email us at

Tickets are at $10.00 only.

Ok, what was supposed to be a short update turns out to be oh so lengthy! hahaha




2 thoughts on “1 week later.”

  1. Tell me about it Dyan! I havent been buying clothes for so many months now!Rimas jugak at times. Guess this year is all about our wedding,eh! hehe! Anyway looking at your countdown tracker so scary,its 100 plus liao…so fast seh!
    Hope everything goes well alright. xoxo

    1. i know… scary kan?? Slowly, the numbers are going down. nanti dua digit lagik panic!

      I am having shopping withdrawal symptoms! lol

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