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1 size smaller, please.

Close friends know my love for good food and when i met the boy, it was like a matchmade in heaven cos the boy, part melantak, no 1.

Kalau browse through my Facebook, you will see lotsa pictures of food and whenever i FB Check-in / 4sq check-in, it’s always to food places.

I have put on more than 10kg since meeting the boy. Just the other day, we were watching a video of us two and we went “Ehhhhhh kurusnya kita”.

Tu dulu sayang. Sekarang dah boyak.

I’m left with less than 7 months to go and my weight is, still like that.
Tak turun2 pasal banyak sangat kawan yang kaki makan.
Thursday onwards je dah happy hour. Mesti ada je orang ajak supper.
Selalu lah jugak, try control, “Ok.. minum air je. jangan makan.” Tapi makaaaaaaaaan jugak!

I remembered previously, about 4 years back, my weight went up a bit and i went to the doctor to get a slimming prescription.

The doc prescribed me Panbesy and Xenical.

Lose weight, i did. I lost 8kg in 2 months and in no time, i could wear back all my clothes and my sister’s.

However, with that, came some sacrifices.
The prescription is an appetite-suppresant and it actually helps me with my metabolism. I didn’t feel like eating much whenever i ate the pills. Which was really good cos i only ate the pills for 2 months but the habit of only eating a few spoonful of rice, stick with me for a year.

i also had no appetite to eat junk food! I did not eat much chocolate and ice cream and i did not even have to force myself from staying away from junk foods.

However, i had difficulty sleeping cos i had heart palpitations. My heart keep beating super fast and i was left sleepless every night and had to rely on sleeping pills. Amazingly, i would be very active the next day, always on my toes and i don’t feel lethargic even though i eat lesser.

But the heart palpitations made me worried so i stop the prescriptions after 2 months.

Lastly, the doctor did mention to me, it will help me to lose weight tremendously of which after that i would have to maintain it by eating moderately and exercise regularly, which i did, for a year after going off the pills.

Because, if i slacked, the other side effect is, my weight will balloon up.
Membuak cam nak gila, even if i don’t eat much.

This is what is happening to me right now and i’m now trying hard to shed off these weight by eating more healthily and doing some exercise once or twice a week.

Just on wednesday, i roped in my bestie and her hubby to play badminton with us. We had so much fun and we sweat it out and felt so good when i rejected her ice cream offer. (which rarely happens cos i am a fan of ice scream! lol)

The boy’s bandmates are also trying to spur us on so we will be going for a morning jog at Toa Payoh Stadium every sunday morning at about 8.00am before they start jamming at 11.00am.

I keep telling myself, 7 months to go and i want to fit into my wedding dress nicely.

I hope i lose at least 5kg. Seriously.


5 thoughts on “1 size smaller, please.”

  1. Hi dyan. Omg me too! Mula2 mkn pill steadyyyy la 10kg turun in 2mths. Tapi mood mcm hari2pms nk marah org je. Pastu tk nk cont with the med. Weight naik to 15kg ;(

    mcm nk cont since my wedding is coming soon too. Lepas kawin, tanggung sendiri la. Hehe.

    1. Hello Lisa!!
      Oh yahh the miod swings pun satu hal jugak. Kena pulak i tht time kerja at maid agency. Habis maid2 tu semua i marah tak tentu pasal. I pun ada gak rasa nak try balik but seram ah tgk side effects. Heh

  2. I feel you! I had the worse heart palpitations with the pills and I really didn’t feel good. So now…I am also trying to make the boy go exercising with him, tapi susah seh, exercise 15 mins, makan ayam lepas tu, fuyoh!

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