Musings of a Bride

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One of the things i absolutely love and adore about weddings must be the Wedding Photographs.
To me, that is one of top things to really be choosy about.

Recce, recce, recce for a good and affordable photographer.

I am very fickle-minded when it comes to photographs.
Sometimes, i really love the soft, vintage approach.
Sometimes, i love the very bright contrast photos.

I have a few photographers yang i think i suka lah sangat2..

Some of them are within my budget and some of them, not really.

Khai from Khai FotoAtelier is my favourite.
His rates are above average, but his works – SUPERB!

I have worked with Khai before on a Photoshoot he has done with my boy nya Band.
He is professional and makes people really comfortable and his pictures turns out great!

I think his trademark has got to be the really bright contrast pictures he takes.
But he has very nice soft-looking pictures as well that just makes you go aaaaawwwwwww.

This is what i meant by the bright, contrast one. This would really look so nice as a wedding poster.

The picture on the left is also one of my favourite. I love those vintage, desatured kind of pictures as well.

Khai’s package rates starts from S$1850.00 for a one-day event and S$2850.00 for a two day event.

His outdoor shoot starts from S$550.00 and if you ask me, it’s totally worth it!

Another of my favourite photographer has got be Ehsan from Frames of Life.

I find all his pictures kinda dreamy and the standard sama lah mcm those Photographer cina.
Not very posey2 sangat u know.

Lagik best is, his wedding package starts from $850.00 for a one day event!
Good for my budget! 🙂

I have got other photographers that i like too. But i will probably feature them next time ok!

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