Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox

Can i have one 4-room flat, upsize please?

If you are also living in Singapore, you would know how difficult it is to get a decent flat.
We have been trying for a flat and so far, we have applied for two sales launches.

One of it is the Sales of Balance Flat and we chose Bukit Panjang Area because it woul be near to my
parent’s place and we personally love Bukit Panjang.

We applied in August and we got our Queue no in October.
Guess what our no is? No 49!

Those who heard about it said that we were very lucky to get a low queue no.
However, we are talking about Balance Flats here and they only have 43 units of 4-room flats at Bukit Panjang!

I know right, so near yet so far! Worse is, there are only 41 flats available for us cos that is the quota for the Malays.

So right now, the boy and me are praying hard that people are rejecting some of the houses.
So that our queue no will move up. BUt that would be like hoping for the sky to turn pink, right?

We are definitely crossing our fingers.

We have been going around Bukit Panjang to look-see some of the houses as HDB have released the Houses details
(eg, Blk No and Unit No). So, what the boy and me did was, we drove around Bukit panjang and try and go up to the unit
just to see if it is suitable for us.

However, it is also during this trips that we realise some of the units have the “O$P$” marks on it.
Yes, the previous owners have meddled with loansharks before.

While all those marks have been duly covered up, we are still worried.
After-all, we all have heard about how some people get harrased by loansharks because of the previous owners.

Another of my concern would be the neighbours. I would very much prefer to have neighbours who are tidy at the common space.
I hate it when people hang truckloads of their clothes at the main corridor or even worse, their children mattresses.

Other than that, i’m really fine with anything.

In November, we applied for a BTO Flat in Yishun, just in case we dont get the flat in Bukit Panjang.

Its called Yishun Greenwalk I love the flat in Yishun but it will take us another 4 years before we get it. (That’s IF we get it. lol)

Results will out end December and i pray that we get a good number.
We really, really need a house. Help!

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