Musings of a Bride

Doll me up.

I reckon this would be one of the top priority for all brides!

Mak Andam mana eh nak pakai?
Yang popular gedemak, hari2 masok TV tu tapi package dia peh lah mahal…
Atau yang tak popular sangat tapi yang tak lari dari budget?

Personally, i feel the Mak Andam (Makeup Artist) is the Most Important Person next to the Tok Kadi of course. (Tok Kadi takde, majlis grand2 pun tak guna worr)
Because she would be the person taking care of you throughout the whole ceremony.

She is also responsible of making you look good and pleasant for all your guest and the pictures!
(You sure do not want to cringe when you see your wedding pictures few years down the road)

Often, my friends would ask, what are the things that i look out for if i were to choose a Mak Andam?

1) Her Makeup style.
Personally i prefer something not too natural and not too dramatic.

I cannot take something too natural because i wear Makeup ALL the time.
So if i were to take a natural makeup, i probably look like i how i look every single day.

I also cannot take heavy dramatic makeup because my boy say i have a garang face.
So, those deep deep black eye sockets kind of style that some Mak Andam are so fond of is a no-no for me.

An Example of Natural Makeup would be by Versari Ade.
An Example of Heavy Makeup would be Ratu Weddings.

But then again, this is my personal opinion.
What i deem as thick may not be thick to you.

Oh.. i would say Chantique Bridal has the perfect makeup style for me!
I love most of the makeup style from Abg Zul except for the Pink eyeshadows.
Maybe because i just cannot have Pink eyeshadows. But i love pink though.
I just do not like Pink on my eyes. That’s all. Heh.

Another one that i like would be The Fatimah Mohsin herself.
I know, i know, very over-rated already.
But you just got to agree her make up skills are very good.
She transforms how you look. But well, at least people can still recognise you lah
and not think they went to the wrong wedding!

2) The Baju-Bajus
It’s not a wedding if you don’t wear nice baju kan?
When i say nice baju, i really mean nice to wear..
Not those yang banyak sangat ruffles, kalau diri depan langsir, confirm tak leh bezakan.

Oh.. and people.. stop wearing matching baju and your deco.
It does not turn out good in pictures. Trust me.
When in doubt, stick with White or Cream. That is the safest colour for wedding.

Gone are the days where pengantin tukar baju 5, 7 kali. If it was me, confirm pengsan.

But i digress. Back to the nice baju-baju.

This is what i would love to have for my wedding.
1) A white simple kebaya with a selendang and baby pink roses.
No tiaras for me. Not a fan. Tak nak feeling princess2. haha

2) A Traditional Outfit for the Sanding Ceremony. Preferably midnight blue or red (roooooaaarrr)

3) White Lace Long-sleeved dress for my Cake-Cutting. So i can hide my fat arms.

I particularly like Maya Karin’s Wedding Dress. Very Grace Kelly style.

3) Her Service & Conversational Skills.
I am very particular about service. I can be kancheong at times and i need someone to reassure me that things are going as planned. So good service is a must.

I don’t want my Mak Andam to go MIA on me the day before the wedding.
I tell you, i confirm gelabah mcm mati laki.

As for conversational skills.. I am a talkative person and i get even more talkative when i’m nervous. So i must have a Mak Andam who can keep up with my incessant ramblings.
If i have someone who keeps quiet most of the time, i mati liao!

4) Reasonable Price.
Sekarang bukan nya susah sangat nak cari Mak Andam rumah.
Berlambak2 kat Multiply. Toleh kiri, nampak Mak Andam, toleh kanan, nampak mak andam lagik.

Of course, mak andam rumah and mak andam yang ada kedai sendiri tu beza lah harga dia.
Kita pun understand, dorang advertise mcm nak rak, bayar duit sewa kedai beribu2..

But i personally would draw a line at below $1.8k for my Mak Andam.
3 Baju, 2 hari makeup and hair-do and a fresh flower bouquet.
Boleh dapat kan?

Dah.. tu je my punya criteria. Tak lah berjela sangat.
Paling penting aku & Mak Andam boleh ngam.

Tak leh ngam, susah….
Nanti gambar kahwin aku, semua muka sedih

Macam ni.. 😦

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