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Long Flight Ahead! 

In preparation for our long flight to New York, i’ve made plans to make that 23.5hr journey bearable for us all 3. I know we’ve got to expect meltdowns cos even adults can’t handle long flights seh. Apa lagi toddlers. 


I plan to babywear Nadya most of the time in the plane. Will probably put her in the bassinet only when she’s asleep or during playtime. 

We survived a 6hrs bus ride with babywearing and if we can do it again, even for 6hrs pun aku bersyukur sangat2 seh. Lol

Essential Oils:

I love using essential oils on Nadya so will definitely resort to oiling her. And me. Hahahaha. Lavender EO for sleeping time. Peace & Calming EO for obvious reasons. 

Will also be bringing other EOs like Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves etc since weather will be quite cooling. 


Super excited about this because i bought few stuff for Nadya and i’ve been keeping it aside for the trip cos i want her to be excited cos new things mahh. So hopefully it’ll make her spend more time on it! 

Especially love this Smiggle Casing! It’s so cute with all the cartoon characters and i can already picture Nadya poking the characters and saying “tatik…tatik.” Hahaha.

I’ve filled it up with blank papers, a small notebook and gel crayons so she can do her conteng-conteng. 

Activity Book! Mad expensive but there’s so many things to do and really nice stickers. Nadya loves peeling out stickers and pasting it everywhere. Suspect she’ll paste it all over the plane seat. Lol

I also bought her some new books and small activity toys to play onboard to help keep her occupied.


This is my last resort. I usually don’t allow Nadya to hold any gadgets on her own. I do allow screen time but most of it strictly through the TV where i still have control over it. When we go out, she only get to watch in the car through the car dvd player. 

I have a spare iphone and i have downloaded all Barney shows on it. This will be the very very last resort and i hope i’ll still get to control it as in i’ll be the one holding it for her or u know i’ll use a monopod or something but i hope this will be the last resort in case she gets really really cranky. But let’s hope she behaves most of the time! 

Cos i really don’t want her to develop the habit of wanting to hold a phone all the time and doing this might just trigger that. Sighhh. 

Let me know if u have any suggestions to keep a toddler occupied during flights! 

2 thoughts on “Long Flight Ahead! ”

  1. Hi! I just returned from my trip to NY with my husband and 2.5yr old and I’m happy to report tt we survived!! Hahaaa

    Plane ride: seems like uve got it all planned..just dish out the activities slowly. Taking the plane is a novelty itself (at least for my daughter) so the fascination with table trays/ looking out the window/airline activity bag will buy u some time as well. I only ended up using 1/3 of my “airplane kit” to keep her entertained. Didnt even hv to unleash the ipad!

    It would also help if you read a book about taking airplane before trip so she knows what to expect (and you can keep telling her inside airplane you sleep.. 😂)

    Before naik plane, tire her out. So let her walk /run all she wants before tt.

    Oh n bring lotsa snacks as well. She may or may not like what the airline gives.

    Most impt is mummy needs to relax! I really believe kids feed off on our energy/moods.

    For NY itself, make sure u bring or rent a stroller from a baby rental company there. Kl tak, pengsan beb babywearing all the way.

    Its gonna be tiring, but itll be really fun and worth it!! Enjoy NY Dyan! Im sure ull love it.

    U can email me if u hv any other qns. Sorry this comment is super long!

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