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We’re back from New York. Both me & Nadya masih suffering from jetlag and i’ve read that West-East jetlag is harder to kick than East-West jetlag. 

I don’t know. We’ll see. Nadya took 3 days to recover from the jetlag when we were in NYC. I just hope she’ll take no more than 4days to go back to her sleeping pattern. 

We both slept at 5.00am yesterday and woke up at 7.00pm. Right now it’s 6.00am and we’re both still very much awake. Die. 

So anyway, i’ll try and write up abt NYC as soon as i can since there were a few who asked me abt travelling long-haul with toddlers lah, getting around NYC & Halal food etc. 

We survived the long flight. It was surprisingly painless. I worried too much for nothing. I should have prepared myself for our jetlag instead actually 😂

But i had a good time in New York! It was a great 5th year Anniversary & Pre-birthday trip! ❤️

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