Dyan-Razali-Nadia-217My little shinku is 7 months old now. Yes, i call her shinku at home and i have no idea what it means and how it started but i just call her that. Don’t judge me! I like making up names for fun.

So now, where do we start? 2015-08-25 13.10.04
The part where i can see her two upper teeth slowly descending?
You know i gotta pat this girl’s back. Each time she’s teething, i don’t realise it that much cos she does not make that much fuss or run a fever. Alhamdulillah.
Ni bukan eksyen anak aku kuat gila macam juara eh. But really, twice it caught me offguard cos she showed no signs except for excessive drooling but then again, she’s always been an excessive drooler seh.

2015-08-24 15.32.48The part where she kind of know how to feed herself. Kind of, because she’s always making a mess! Makan sikit, bersepah2 makanan. She’s on semi-baby led weaning. I don’t count on BLW for her to get her nutritions. More like a time where she can explore food & texture and hone her motor skills. Most of the time i still feed her with porridge etc. More about her food in another post! Oooh it’s an adventure on it’s own! 


Baby can finally sit on her own! Tengok tu dia duduk macam taukeh.
She goes on all four but does not seem to move forward or backward yet. Engine belum panas so kita biarkan je lah dia.

IMG_4832I got her this Exersaucer cos i cannot tahan dia lompat2 everytime i carry her. Waaaahhh my peha i tell you macam kena lenyek2. Kalau makin kecik peha aku ni takpe lah jugak. And in case you’re wondering what’s that thing on her head, i got her Em’s 4 Bubs Earmuffs for her cos we wanna bring to concerts / jamming sessions & movies safely. Many times i wanna bring her but i get paranoid, takut if it’s too loud for her and also if it might hurt her delicate eardrums. But what to do, she’s got a clingy mom who’s always at noisy places! Lol.

In case you’re interested in the earmuffs as well, get them off Amazon! They’re cheaper! You can also buy it from the official website but the shipping from Australia is a killer! At least with Amazon, sambil u order anything from other US Websites, boleh selitkan ni sekali. I also chose Em’s cos of the elastic band. It’s soft and does not hurt her head. The other earmuffs for babies looks slightly restrictive so i’m guessing it might hurt her a bit.

Nadya can recognise the people she sees all the time. I can leave her at my parent’s place and she’ll not cry or look for me. However, if i leave her with strangers, she’ll start looking around, just to make sure i’m nearby. She is fine with strangers picking her up and many times we get the “ehhhh tak takut orang ehhh” remarks and this girl sometimes tak malu one kind, she’ll smile at other people tak pasal2 orang tu kena senyum balik kat dia!

We were at the polyclinic previously for her jab and then she kept smiling at this grumpy apek next to her and he had to smile back at her unwillingly. hahahahha. It was so hilarious to watch!

And you know people keep telling me ohhh she’ll start to sleep lesser when she’s above 6mths cos that’s when they start being really active? She woke up at 12.00 noon today! Melampau anak aku! And that was after i kind of forced her to wake up cos dah kul 12, tak mandi2 and and belum feed etc. She’ll usually wake up between 10am – 12noon from her night sleep and then take a short nap at about 3.00pm and another nap at 7.00pm.

And because she had enough rest, she moves all the time when she’s awake. I’m tempted to go get the fenced play pen thing cos she kept going to the kitchen! Ooooh chasing after a baby is tiring!


We do all these stupid things to her all the time. Because this is the only time we can get away with it!

1 thought on “seven”

  1. The last pic.. I can’t even. SO CUTE!!!! Anywho.. My son hasn’t even started teething and he already has fever/refusing solid food/cranky. Why oh why?!!! Oh.. And Juhd finds jumparoos more fun than exersaucer… He didn’t really enjoy the exersaucer we have at home but gots all bouncy with a friend’s jumparoo!

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