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Family Shoot

Previous post i mentioned about us going for the Family Shoot at Krabi.
Instead of engaging a photpgrapher and then bringing him there & pay for his air ticket & flight, we engaged a local instead. I googled and stalked Instagram and i found Nut on Instagram! Love his pictures although i was a bit wary as to those whether pictures were really his ke tak. But i took that leap of faith & paid an initial deposit.

On the photoshoot day, it was raining cats & dogs when we were still shooting in our room and then heavy rain when we were on the way to our photoshoot destination. Nut was really patient though and certainly not calculative. We initially booked him for 2 hours cos we don’t want Nadya to get tired or bored but it went on for almost 3 hours and Nut didn’t even ask for additional payments.

Here’s some of my favourite with Nadya.

We planned the photoshoot in the evening from 4pm – 6pm cos Nadya would be fully rested by then and she’s usually quite active during that timing. Definitely not a morning person this girl!

I am so glad we did this for this trip. Krabi is one of our favourite place so it was quite apt to have our 1st family shoot there.

We’re thinking of doing another family shoot when Nadya turns 1 and maybe we’ll do it on our 1st trip for 2016 which is super close to Nadya’s 1st Birthday and Rusly’s Birthday because we’re heading to…

Photo Credit: Jorg Faiist

Tokyo – Japan!!!!
It’ll be winter when we’re there in February so i don’t know how feasible it would be to have an outdoor shoot during winter, with a kid. Hahahaha. We shall see!
Although friends been telling me Winter in Tokyo is not very bad but we’re hoping to get some snow! Ok more about Tokyo planning in another entry lah ok!

Ending this post with my favourite family picture! Dyan-Razali-Nadia-45

9 thoughts on “Family Shoot”

  1. i love ALLLL the photos! cant wait to get mineee, heheheh! and yes to photoshoot in tokyo, bila lagi boleh dress Nadya up as a bear right??! 😂😂

  2. again, the cik adek mini tu caught my eyes with her sengeh and poses! romos la sikit!

    and nice photoshoot! cantek sekali. mak setuju!

  3. Please please please fill me in on your Tokyo’s plan. I’m coming too in April 2016 for their Sakura! 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Hi Dyan, I have been your silent reader for a while now 🙂 I am also going to Tokyo with my son and husband this November and we are also planning to have a family shoot there! Would be interested to know which photographer you’re engaging for your Tokyo shoot as well 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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