not funny

u know what’s not funny? When people tell you, life is good working from home, especially in Ramadhan.

I have odd sleeping hours now that i work from home. I usually sleep at about 3.00am and wake up by 11.00am the morning after. WIth Ramadan, it’s harder to keep to this weird timing. I’ll feel sleepy by 3.00am but i refuse to sleep because sahur is in few hours time and i’m a deep sleeper. At least for the 1st 5 hours, i get into a really deep sleep even that annoying iPhone alarm can’t wake me up.

We missed 2 sahur so far because i accidentally slept at 3.00am and husband woke up at 6.30am and had to rush to work and i only woke up at 10.00am, realising that we did not sahur. I felt so damn guilty because i know the husband hates not being able to sahur.

Dugaan duduk rumah time ramadan jangan cakap. So many times, i open the fridge, pour a drink, put it on my study table and then realised i’m fasting. Tu belom part  jiran-jiran tetangga yang tersayang yang masak during the day and then the bau masuk menusuk kalbu. Korang cuba try duduk rumah on weekdays. Macam2 bau masakan yang ada. Rajin jiran2 aku.

On the other hand, i’m kept very busy saving the world rushing artworks for clients and pestering my printers to get everything out before Raya. This is where the art of negotiating comes in. I’ve been know among ex-colleagues to be one of the best negotiators in the department. *pats back*

Oh and can u believe it, i have not done any Raya shopping yet? This year super slack.
The other day i told my husband “this year raya mcm tak excited ah. maybe pasal dah 2nd year” and he got offended lah sey! hahahaha

Padahal i was referring to the house. our 2nd year in the house! Not 2nd year being his wife. -_____-

And you know how pagi2 u bangun semangat berkobar-kobar nak buat itu ini, sana sini and then once u dah mandi, u macam malas nak buat apa2 and you just end up watching youtube videos? I’ve been doing that for the past week.

I might be one of the best negotiator.
but i’m also one of the best procrastinator.

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