The Husband & Wife

The second one

It’s my second Ramadhan with the husband! Oh, Ramadhan kareem u all!
Anyway, this Ramadhan is extra special because it’s just the two of us. (Last Ramadhan, his auntie tumpang rumah kita and errr i was excused from cooking for Iftar and Shaur. even though we had to keep eating Asam Pedas, Kari Ayam and Sambal Udang on a very very regular basis)

This year, i die2 had to wake up for sahur. just so you know, i always skip sahur and just tahan with not eating the entire day because i get very cranky when people wake me up from sleep.
So i usually will eat before i sleep.

But my suami tercinta need to sahur. and it has to be rice.
macam lah dia kerja cucuk tanam sayur, keluar peluh nitis2.hee
So nak tak nak, nak masuk syurga, kena lah bangun sahur.
But i told my husband to not talk to me during Sahur because i get irritated when people talk to me. Ngada2 i know. But my husband being my husband, thinks it’s funny to make fun of me during sahur. 😦

Been sick since 1st day of Ramadhan but alhamdulillah i’m holding strong. But then again, i work from home. I can take a nap as and when i want. -_____-

Oh, and our 2nd Ramadhan together and i just found out that he don’t like Kurma and he just found out that i LOVE kurma.

The little things you continue to learn about your partner each day!

3 thoughts on “The second one”

  1. hi 5! im a grumpy old woman biler baru bgn…cannot stand any noise and mega irritayed biler ppl talk to sis suker ckp “GOOD MORNING!!!!” kuat2 with that irritating cheerful tone right in my face just to irritate me!

    1. hahahah that’s my husband for you!
      Lagik orang tunjuk muka taik, ehhh dia sibuk kunyah + bebual.

      If killing is legal, i would have done it. hahaha

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