The Husband & Wife

Our Story.

Seeing how these timeline love stories are getting berjangkit, here’s mine!
I have previously drafted one in About us. This is the extended version.
(like really really extended)

How we finally met:
This is a classic story of  “If you are fated to be together, you will meet each other”.
We are of the same age and our schools are pretty nearby but i don’t think i have met him while i was in my teens although we do have a lot of mutual friends.

1st Episode:
Back then, in 2007, i was engaged to someone else and i had wanted to get a Guitarist to play on my wedding. My bestie, Nini, recommended Rusly, who would be delighted to play and so i agreed, but i did not get a chance to meet him as that wedding was then called off late 2008.

2nd Episode:
I was on MSN with Nini and she was telling me that her friend (who’s actually Rusly) is still single and she was asking me if i have any single female friends to let them know each other. (because i think at that time, they are starting to get worried cos the whole band dah couple2, dah kahwin, dia macam belum interested nak settled down) At that point, i was still engaged to the other guy, and i had one girlfriend in mind so i told her yes. We exchanged pictures on their behalf (lol) and i told her i will ask my girlfriend. Alas, the girlfriend was already taken actually and had wanted to kept it a secret until she feels the relationship was going somewhere. cheh.  So, i actually nearly became a matchmaker for Rusly!

3rd Episode:
It was on one of my girlfriend’s (Caca) Hen Party. Nini’s then-fiance-and-now-husband, Hosni and Rusly are actually good friends. Hosni was supposed to be our designated driver to pick up Caca, the Bride-to-be to bring to the hotel for the surprise, however, since he did not know where the Hotel is, he roped in Rusly to be the driver instead. Firstly, Hosni & Rusly were supposed to pick up Nini from the Hotel and then proceed to fetch Caca. In the midst of all the mayhem, Nini accidentally picked up my camera instead of hers. Can’t blame her cos we had the same camera, with the same camera covers etc. So she brought mine with her. While waiting for Caca, Hosni meddled with the camera and Rusly looked on. At that point, Rusly pointed to someone in one of the pictures and asked Hosni “Who’s that?” and if he can get to know that girl. That girl was me, who was unfortunately still engaged at that time. So Hosni told him i was unavailable and he backed off.

this was the picture he saw in that camera. hahahah
this was the picture he saw in that camera. hahahah

4th Episode:
This happened after i broke off the engagement with my ex-fiance.
Nini wanted to have a picnic for her 25th Birthday at Marina Barrage and she invited all her close girlfriends and also Hosni’s bandmates for the celebration. According to Nini, this wasn’t intentional, but she and Hosni actually told Rusly to pick me up from home since i brought along some food for the picnic and she claims that there are no more space in the car. So i did. Nini did not tell me who’s supposed to pick me up. I just know that Hosni friend is gonna pick me up. I figured it would be awkward since i don’t even know this person but i figured, i was lucky enough to hitch a ride since i don’t even know where Marina Barrage is.  Thankfully, the ride wasn’t that awkward.

that 1st time i met him was with Jentayu, at Marina Barrage.

that 1st time i met him was with Jentayu, at Marina Barrage.

How we got close:
After the 1st meetup, he expressed his interest to get to know me better through Hosni and asked Hosni for my number. Hosni then asked Nini but she was scared i would not be too happy about it, especially since i just broke off the previous engagement and to be really honest, i wasn’t actually ready to jump in another relationship.

So Nini told him, he must get my number himself. So he told Nini to arrange a double movie date at Causeway on a Saturday. Nini & Hosni were supposed to pick me up but they were stuck in a jam at the Causeway so they had to get Rusly to pick me up instead. Rusly, always the opportunist, took that chance to get my number with the excuse that he will have to call me when’s at my block right?

Needless to say, after that movie-date, we sms-ed each other till we fell asleep. Days passed and we are always smiling each time we receive sms-es from each other. (biasalah, orang tgh angau lah kan.) and he finally asked me out on a proper date.

That 1st Date:
He was late for more than an hour! How dare he!
I was meeting some friends at Vivocity and we have arranged to meet there straight at 4pm and then maybe we could catch a movie or something.
4.15pm came and i didn’t hear from him and so i called and called but he did not pick up. 5.00pm came and i was ready to leave until i received an sms “Rusly left his hp at home – his brother”.

Masa tu kawan-kawan, Tuhan saja yang tahu perasaan aku.
Geram pasal kenapa lah mamat ni selenger sangat boleh lupa HP. Like really, who the hell leave their HP at home and also because kita baru je kenal kan, how is he gonna call me when he reach Vivo?? I don’t think we have reached that stage where we memorised each other’s number yet.

Fifteen minutes later, he called me (at last!!).
Turns out, he woke up late, macam lipas kudung dia pi lari2 satu rumah, mandi and siap2 and forgot his HP. He was about to call me when he reached Vivo when he realised he forgot his HP and as expected, he didn’t remember my number so he had to turn back to Boon Lay to retrieve his HP.
So that is the story of our 1st date. Sungguh drama-mama.

our 1st picture together after couple-couple
  – our 1st picture together after couple-couple

Sound steady lah seh:
After getting to know each other for a bit, i remembered he mentioned the gf-bf thing while we were sms-ing but i didn’t took it seriously and few times he mentioned it when we were out on our dates but i step jual mahal u know. Then one day we were out on a date as usual when he took my hand and held it firm. I did not let go and the rest was history.

Meet the Parent’s session:
Two days after he held my hands, Jentayu and his parents decided to celebrate his Birthday and he invited me as well. Knowing his parents and siblings would be present as well, i was reluctant cos i felt it was way too soon to meet the parents you know but relented because it was his birthday. I was nervous gila but his family put me at ease immediately. I remembered telling him how cool his parents were and i also remembered he told me that he already told his mom about me before we even got officially together. and that is when i found out he a mat rocker mummy boy and i found that very very endearing. lol

I brought him to meet my parents after 1 year together and he was very calm n collected when he went over. He certainly won my mom over cos even till now, my mom just love to chit chat with him. My father was comfortable with him as well so i was really really relieved they could all get along together. phew.

The Proposal:
I had the boring but the sweetest proposal i had never imagined.

His family was supposed to come over my place for Raya so imagine my surprise when i opened the door to find his family at my doorstep with dulang hantaran and said “surprise!”. lol
He got a ring for me and got his parents to merisik me at the same time. His family had it all planned at the same time and my family (and me) were honestly clueless!

There i was in my Tshirt and jeans, muka tak make-up, rambut serabai and the only picture we got on that day:


him squatting on both feets because he was nervous gila to even kneel on one knee and we only realise this after this picture!! Kecoh ke pe propose kat orang main cangkung2? lol

We told Jentayu the day after and got teased so much for tunang senyap-senyap. hahahaha

Our relationship in the early days was really rocky. Our major fight happened during the second month and lots and lots of fights happened during the 1st year. Orang selalu cakap 1st year honeymoon period and then the true colours starts showing. Kita siang2 dah show true colours. All bare, nothing to hide. Asyik gaduh aja and honestly, with the amount of petty fights we use to have, i am surprised we held on to the relationship because deep inside, i know he is for me.

This is the guy who will never ask me to carry my own shopping bags, who would peel prawns for me and help me with the laundry and the cleaning.

Sometimes, after a very long day, i am just glad to be back home to see him and everything would just be alright.




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