i quit! (part 1)

how do u tell your manager that you wanna resign? Honestly.

especially when u actually LOVE & ADORE your workplace, your team-mates & your manager. No, i’m not being sarcastic. i really love my workplace and my jobscope.

i hate disappointing people especially when my manager kept harping on the new sponsorship project she wants me to handle etc and helping me fix an appointment with my MD next week to propose a commission plan for me (honestly she does not have to. marketing staffs mana lah dapat commission. but she felt it’s unfair i’m meeting my sales target each month but no commission plan) so i hate the thought of having to burst her bubble and tell her i wanna resign.

Tu word tak terkeluar dari tadi. I had been planning on telling her the entire week and today’s Friday and i have still not told her yet.

What the hell is wrong with me.

For someone so outspoken like me, benda kecik macam ni pun tak leh buat. sigh.

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