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Hello Tok Kadi Part II

Yesterday, me, the boy, my dad and my niece finally went to ROMM for the interview.

Do you know i actually forgot the whole interview process thing? Till i conveniently check my ROMM registration at my email and i realise we have to report ourselves 5 weeks before the wedding. I went 25 days before our wedding. Sikit lebih kurang halal ah tu.

The whole process is quite fast actually. I took a queue no. Waited for the counter lady to call us, verify our NRIC and print out the registration forms, then wait again for the kadi to call us in.

Waiting time was approximately 15 mins when i went over at 3.00pm.
The interview with the Kadi took about 5 mins.

My dad went in first, then it was my turn. The boy was the last to go in. The kadi who interviewed me was Kadi Nor Razak.

My dad tried to scare me by saying “Tok Kadi suara garau. Baik2 jawab. Macam garang je..” the moment he came out from the Kadi’s office.

I was scared stiff when i knocked the door. Alas, Kadi cuma tanya yang perlu aje. He asked if i was married before and if i’m a legitimate child and after asking all the necessary questions, he told me to take an oath. Dah, tu je.

When i got out of the room, i tried to scare the boy pulak.
Iyalah… mana aci aku sorang je kena takut2 kan.

I told him ” B.. tok kadi suara garang sey. muka pun garang jugak. U masok je, u make sure u cakap Assalamualaikum eh!”

Tapi member cool je. plan aku fail.

Dia keluar pun cool. Dia cakap part angkat sumpah, macam nak ketawa pasal macam amik pledge. he is so easily amused.

I have 24 days to go and i was just whining at Facebook on the things i have yet to do and find.

But i’m really really tired emotionally and physically.
Last weekend was a blast cos finally, after years of coaxing from the guys, i’ve decided to finally sing with the boys on stage.

We had a Hari Raya show at Rivervale on Sunday which was quite fun and according to the boy, i was quite mentel on stage. hahaha

We also performed at a wedding reception at Burkill Hall, Botanic Gardens on Sunday. Nice place tapi ya ampun punya lah leceh nak angkut barang2 naik. It’s a 2-storey bungalow with no lift. Go figure how we lift up our sound system and the big-ass speakers upstairs.

ok, that aside, my Hen Party is on this Friday!
I’m excited cos i know i will have fun with the girls. I really don’t know what we’ll be doing and at this point, i really don’t care. I just wanna meet them, talk & laugh and forget about the wedding preps for awhile.



2 thoughts on “Hello Tok Kadi Part II”

  1. Hello Dyan! nak tanye.. the interview with kadi has to be done 5 weeks before wedding or can it be done anytime before the wedding?

    1. Hello!

      U can do it anytime before your wedding, as long as you have registered online. But it has to be done latest 5 weeks before the wedding ok!

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