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Sarinah Hen Party

Nari semangat aku update blog. Macam tengah mood malas nak buat kerja after the long weekend and to be fair, i work my ass off last week. lol. excuses!

Last saturday was Sarinah’s Hen Party.

Guess what we did? A baking class!
Cos the bride is a noob when it comes to cooking or baking.
So ni kira crash course ah sebelum dia kahwin.

We engaged Kak Izah to hold the Baking Class for us and we managed to do our very own Cupcake Bouquet. It was a great fun, laughing about the stupid things we do and being oh so competitive with each other (cos we were split into 2 groups).

Everyone was decked out in Turquoise and we even had a simple veil for Sar.

All the ingredients were provided for so we only have to show up with our aprons.
It was a hands-on session and we got to do everything from scratch. From the measuring to the decorating process.

Kak izah was very helpful in entertaining our enquiries cos to be honest, out of the 6 of us, only me and Has bakes. The others don’t bake at all.

Coincidentally, the three of us have the same aprons, in different colours.
(Hidup Daiso!)

And the three of them, coincidentally were in Checkered Aprons.
So we automatically form our group of threes.

Our chocolate moist cupcake.

Vanilla Cupcakes

While waiting for the cakes to bake, we prepared Roti Kirai for lunch.
Here’s our “Burberry-style” Roti Kirai. lol

Our naked cupcake bouquet.

All of our naked cupcakes which looks like Mushrooms. lol

My pink frosting!

My cupcake bouquet!

Dengan muka berminyak, rambut serabai, setelah sehari berkerja keras.

Everyone’s cupcake bouquet. Such a pretty sight!

Group picture! That’s the bride in between.

15 years of friendship and still standing strong. I love these girls like sisters.

1 more Hen Party to go, and yes i’m talking about mine! lol

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