Musings of a Bride

Baju2 and Mekap2.

I have decided on my Bridal House yesterday night. I am so amazed at my decisiveness, if you ask me. But i blame it on my incessant research that i have been doing.

I have crossed out one more item on my to-do list. In fact, this is the 1st Vendor i have met.

I am quite happy with the package, the costume, the makeup and most importantly, the service.

Kak Yatee made me feel at ease and was very very friendly that i have no qualms handing over $400 deposit to her yesterday. hahaha

Anyway, one down, many more to go.

Wedding Planning is kind of taking a toll on me. I keep fearing things may go wrong, vendors will cheat me lah, entah apa2 lagi lah.

All i can do is, pray hard everything goes smoothly.

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