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Review on My Little Cuppies: Cakes and more cakes!

Remember the cupcake stand i painstakingly DIY-ed?

This is how it looked on our big day.

I ordered some regular cupcakes ($1.80) and some mini ones ($0.80) from My Little Cuppies.

I chose a simple design considering that my Cupcake Stand has plenty of details already.

The cupcakes taste nice! You know how some cupcakes nampak lawa tapi bila makan, kadang2 manis and some buttercream has that plastic taste? Yang ni takde!

I was very pleased with the presentation and the taste so definitely thumbs up for Kak Ros!

All in all, i only spent less than $100.00 on my cupcakes and the materials for my cupcake stand costs me less than $50.00.

Apart from the cupcakes, i also ordered the Viola Set from Kak Ros.

picture taken off her website.









I requested for Cake with a White Flying V guitar with Tiffany blue base for the cake and i absolutely adore the final outcome!

If you are looking for cupcakes for your wedding, i would recommend My Little Cuppies.

She also does wedding cakes and wedding cupcake tiers.

But if you are on a budget like me, you can get the loose cupcakes from her and diy your own cupcake stands.

If you are lazy to DIY your own, my cupcake stand is up for rent at a nominal fee. 🙂
email me at to find out 🙂