The Travel Tales

New York City Day 1

Kickstarting my NYC entries and hopefully i don’t leave it halfway like my Tokyo posts yang sampai sekarang belum lagi sampai kesudahannya.

Luggage macam nak tinggal sana sebulan. Ni semua Nadya lah ni.

Some of our closest friends sent us off. Or rather i think dorang nak send Nadya off, takut rindu. Hahaha

So we flew by Emirates on 14 October 2016 at 9.50pm. Tak sia-sia we fly with Emirates cos the inflight food is so sedap. Hahaha.

We transit in Dubai Airport after a 7hrs flight. Our 2hrs transit felt so short cos tu Dubai Airport besar gila ke apa. We took more than an hour in total to get off the SIN-DXB flight, walk to the gate, get our baggages checked and then go in for our DXB-JFK flight and tu tempat kecoh macam Bus Interchange Larkin seh. The moment we stepped off the plane, there were so many people at the transfer hall including some of the Airport’s staff shouting “Mumbai.. Bahrain..Milan..New York

Sama macam kat Larkin kau dengar orang2 pekik “Skudai…skudai..Kota Tinggi..Melaka“. Eh samalah. Dah lah land sana pagi buta..then dengar ni semua and u gotta wait for them to usher u to the gates and all. -____-

And then we took the next flight to JFK, 14hrs in total. Dare i say it was  uneventful? Lol. Nadya & me pretty much slept throughout the flight! Waking up just for meals.

We arrived New York at about 9am in the morning. Luckily we got out of the plane fast cos when kita pandang belakang while queueing up at the immigration counters, mak ai punyalah ramai umat2. Waited about 15mins at the immigration lines.. It was pretty smooth since we did our ESTA online prior to arriving but after that, they took Rusly away for further questioning which was kinda expected lah cos i saw few “muslim looking” people taken away as well. So me & Nadya waited near the conveyor belt for our luggage tapi terlupa cos i was babywearing Nadya and she refused to sit in her stroller, terpaksa aku tengok luggage aku merry go round kat belt tu. They released Rusly after 20mins and i asked him what happened in there and he told me they only asked basic questions and kept repeating the questions like “Why is he in NYC” “who is he with” etc.

We head over to the taxi stand where there were plenty Yellow cabs on standby. Anyway JFK airport is quite small so it’s really manageable. Just note that the luggage carts are chargeable at US$6.00 so we just pushed our luggage around on our own cos really tak kuasa nak pay for something so trivial like that. Maybe dah lemak ah kat Changi Airport and all the other airports we’ve been to tak payah bayar for that benda alah.

Yellow cabs from / to JFK Airport to anywhere in Manhattan is a flat rate of US$60.00. You can pay by Cash or Credit Card. Do set aside some tips for them as well because they kinda expect u to tip them. In fact, anywhere in NYC, restaurants especially, the staff would appreciate tips. I usually tip 10% of the amount we’re paying. If you’re paying by CC, you can indicate the tip you wanna pay.

The journey from JFK Airport to Manhattan took us less than 1 hour cos the traffic was really smooth. It was afterall past peak hours.

Upon clearing immigration, i WA my Airbnb host to inform him we’re on the way and oh yes before i forget, i got a WIFI Router from WifiBaby. It’s $12.00 per day and i paid $171.00 in total for 11 days of use, power bank & courier delivery. If you work in the CBD area, you can just pick up at Collyer Quay. I chose them over Changi Recommends because theirs is limited to 500mb per day even though it’s also priced at $12.00. It’s more convenient to pick up from Airport but i rather pay more for Unlimited connections cos previously i used up more than 500mb during my Bandung trip with all the Snapchatting i did. hahahaha.

So anyway, the driver managed to find the apartment and we met Nikolay, our Airbnb Host. A tinggi-gila Russian guy working in NYC. He brought us up the apartment, showed us around the place and left. It was a pleasant experience cos he did not bother us even though he’s staying in the apartment next door but it was easy to reach him when we need to.


Clean apartment and spacious! Love the space cos Nadya can lari2 the whole house. Lol
Ok, a bit of drama with our AirBNB booking. Remember my last post on the ideal apartment we managed to score? That host cancelled our reservations 7 days before our arrival. Grrrrrrr. So geram seh. We had to quickly find another apartment and luckily this was available. I only had to top up $200+ but AirBNB gave us $120 credit for the cancellation so ok lah!

2016-10-15-14-05-252016-10-15-14-04-56We washed up and then went around the neighbourhood to familiarise ourselves with the train station / grocery store etc and found a Halal Fast food place, Kennedy Fried Chicken. I think we ate there 3 times cos the ayam goreng reminds us of our local Do & Me. Hahahaha.

2016-10-15-14-26-302016-10-15-15-18-06We tried their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. So nice!
Huge portion but reasonable price. Win!

We got back to the apartment after buying groceries and slept from 4.00pm to 5.00am. Penat gila beb. But i’ve already planned it that way right from the start. Especially because with nadya, we really need to make sure she’s well rested and adjust her to the new timing. So if you’re travelling with kids, don’t be over-ambitious and try to squeeze in an activity on the 1st day. Just rest and get the jetlag done & over with 1st.

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