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2 weeks on

Can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already. Because i still feel sore down under. Rasa macam minggu lepas je baru keluarkan baby. Lol But yes, it has been 2 interesting weeks indeed. Went for my Post Natal checkup with Dr Citra on Thursday. 2015-01-29 16.46.30-2 Checked on my stitches and so far it’s healing. That’s all i need to hear. I think i’ve not mentioned this before but i had a mini accident at the hospital. Had a fall in the toilet on the 2nd day of my stay. Totally my fault really, cos i moved around in the toilet without the nurse assistance even though i had a Risk for Fall tag on my wrist. Padan muka. Degil sangat. But it got the nurses and the doctors scrambling to my room in minutes. I think i scared the hell of them because i was smiling and apologising. Got to know the ward have a 100% fall free record for 2014 and guess who broke the record for 2015? Me. So so guilty nak mampos. Got to know from the night nurse that everyone was briefed about it during their changing shift briefing and was told to look out for me. The crazy bitch who went to the toilet alone. LOL  Kidding. They were told to look out for abnormal bleeding on my end. Although so far it has been ok actually. The only thing i was scared of was, did i rip my stitches apart? Apparently not. Anyway enough about the stitches.

Friends have been asking “how are u coping?” / “how are you & baby?” / “are u ok? Do u need help?”. So much love for all these people and honestly, if anybody tell you motherhood is easy, don’t listen to them. Because it is not. If you think you’re overly paranoid when you’re pregnant, try being a first time mom. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve check on Nadya. Just to make sure she’s still breathing. And when she keep too still during sleep, i cucuk her pipi so she’ll stir in her sleep. Don’t judge me. I’m sure most first time mom do that.

If you ask me how is motherhood treating me so far, i’ll say it’s draining. You get so tired the 1st few weeks and i don’t know what the next few weeks would be like. Kita rembat je lah k baby? Please don’t expect everything to be a bed of roses for the 1st few weeks because you gotta be superhuman to achieve that. You can read thousand of parenting articles while you’re pregnant but you need to be thrown into motherhood to really know how it’s like. 2015-01-22 09.00.09But at the end of the day, when you see your child in deep sleep, safe & happy, you know you’re doing something right. Whenever Nadya scream bloody murder, i look at the photo above and whatever naughty thoughts i have of putting her back in my tummy, hilang begitu sahaja. Lol 2015-01-23 10.43.58 We also managed to do Nadya’s Cukur Rambut at Masjid Ar-Raudhah. She was surprisingly quiet. I think she find the buzzing sound of the shaver kinda comforting. I shall bear that in mind. It was pretty fuss-free really. The ustaz briefed us on the importance of doing the cukur rambut. Basically it is a Sunnah Nabi and also for hygiene purpose cos some babies have the cradle cap thing on their head. It’ll be easier for it to go away if there’s no hair.  Nadya didn’t have any cradle cap and i kinda think it was because of the many coconut water i drank because everybody told me so. So maybe it really works ah. Her head is really clean now. And by clean i mean botak. Hahahaha She got mistaken as a boy few times already. Padahal budak tu pakai baju pink, mittens pink segala and u think she’s a boy. What’s wrong withchu. Lol 2015-01-31 23.56.28I’ve also discovered how Babywearing is such a gem especially at home! Because i need to do work and i’m alone with her most of the time, i’ve taken to babywearing her to soothe her when she’s fussy. She sleeps immediately this way. I’m a happy mummy because i get to do work and also keep a close watch on her. Now i’m tempted to buy more wraps.  I still have so many things to talk about actually. Like my breastfeeding journey so far and the confinement i’m going through right now but we’ll leave it for later when i have time to post panjang lebar lagik ok?

12 thoughts on “2 weeks on”

  1. Kudos to surviving the first two weeks! You are truly super mom.. Being alone for most of the day! I don’t think I could survive without my parents’ help!

    1. I never thought i can survive on my own but i just do what i think is right. LOL
      U should see the 1st time i tried to bath the baby on my own.. I was so scared!!

  2. So true that it’s draining and I’m so drained after 4 months but I have many more months to go. Hah. Sampai abandon my blog no time to blog. I find the recovery part painful too, as much as giving birth. :/ I hope you’re recovering well! And having a great time with Nadya at home. 😀

    1. I lagik got many many more months go! Has Maliq started sleeping through the night?
      Nadya is only a month old and i cannot wait for the day she starts sleeping thru the night! LOL

      1. No he has not started sleeping through the night! I’m waiting too.. But I have friends whose babies already slept through the night at 3 months old. I also have friends whose babies still wake up at night even when they’re already a few years old. :/ I don’t know why but I always have this impression that girls will sleep through the night faster than boys cause girls drink lesser and boys are hungrier. I could be wrong haha.

  3. Great blog I stumbled. Was searching for preterm labour (which I was in few weeks ago and now under control) but for sm reasons surfed ur blog. Was reading the entries smiling and cheering on! Congrats!

    May I ask u a silly question. U me token wearing ur baby. Wat is the brand? Is it difficult to wrap and wear? So far I’ve only gotten ergo…. But it will be impossible to use on newborn… Any advise? Thanks!

    1. Hello Jean! Thank u for dropping by! It’s the Hana wrap and i used it a lot when she was at that newborn age. The length can be quite overwhelming to be honest but once u get the hang of it, it’s really simple! Watch youtube videos on stretchy wraps to see!

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