The Husband & Wife

the reality is..


you know what i’ve notice after marriage? We argue about really stupid things.
like, how come he did not wash the dishes last night when i specifically told him to.

We have come to an agreement that if i cook, he’ll have to do the dishes (which he hates!) or he do the laundry (which he quite like to do but i hate to see him do it because he just dump everything inside and don’t get me started on how he hangs the clothes up.)

We no longer argue about the other major heartbreaking stuff anymore.
Errrr…like money, ex-boyfriends & girlfriends etc. hahaha

Oh, how lucky.

3 thoughts on “the reality is..”

    1. yeah true! I don’t think i can handle any major heartbreak. Or maybe, i also tak kuasa nak layan major heartbreaks already. hahahah

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