The Husband & Wife

After 10 days..

After 10 days of being a wife, here’s what i have to say.

  • Suddenly, macam banyak gila kerja rumah nak bikin. I’m not a domestic goddess, so the first few days kahwin tu, macam banyak sangat laundry nak bikin. It doesn’t help that i don’t normally iron shirts etc. So when it comes to ironing his work shirts and pants, i nearly fainted.
  • We both start work at 9am and while i am used to waking up at 8am every day cos my friend will drive me to work at approx 8.50am and we’ll reach office at about 9.20am (hee hee). The boy have to wake up by 6.00am and leave the house by 6.30am cos he’s using the OPC car and need to reach his work place at Jurong East by 7.00am. Needless to say, our frist day back to work was pretty chaotic. I managed to wake up by 6.00am but i didn’t have the energy to go on waking him up 3 to 4 times. i gave up after the first try and went back to sleep. The both of us did not wake up till 8.00am. Imagine kita semua lari2 dalam rumah macam org gila just tomake sure we get out by 8.30am!

But, i am enjoying the whole marriage life. It just makes us bond even further. Each night before i sleep, i am thankful to Him for letting me meet my soulmate.

I know it’ll be hard for us to adjust to our new life. Just few nights ago, i cried cos i was homesick. But i know, given time, we will definitely get used to our new lifestyle.

I am certainly learning to domesticate myself, starting with the laundry and cooking.

Twice, the parents-in-law came, and i was able to whip out some dishes including Mee Soto. Uber proud! I didn’t manage to take picture of the Mee Soto cos everyone was hungry. lol

Our first proper dinner. Sambal sardin + Kailan Oyster + salted egg.

I pounded the onion the traditional way cos we forgot to buy a blender. lol Akak-akak shop & save.
Our Big Breakfast last sunday.

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