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Love Nest Inspirations

The other thing i am looking forward to, apart from the wedding has to be our love nest.

I don’t know what’s taking H/D/B so long to get all the paperwork done. sigh.

Because i have done almost all the research for my wedding, i tend to do more research for house deco instead. I have been prowling the renotalk forums for tips and contacts for contractors etc.

I may not be engaging an ID cos we don’t intend to take up any renovation loans and getting an ID is just a waste of $ for us since we have aready envision what we want for the house. It’s gonna be something really simple, and we are going to add things slowly, but surely.

I have already got my contractor for my floorings. I’ll be using Supreme Flooring for my laminate flooring. We have paid the deposit for the floorings but have not chosen any colours yet. Keith, the sales staff in charge of us is extremely helpful. I brought him down to the flat when the H/D/B officer was there to allow me to do a site inspection. I wasn’t happy with the state of my flooring as there were lots of bumps and the officer kept saying “it’s like that one.”

Keith helped me to reason out with the officer cos i was hopping mad when he kept arguing with me.

As for the price, it was a whole lot cheaper than what the ID quoted me.
For my living room and 3 bedrooms, AC5 laminated flooring (which is of the highest grade) cost me $3000 in total. Three ID quoted me between $5000 – $7000. Go figure.

I have not choose the colours yet cos Keith recommends that we paint the house 1st and then we do a colour matching.

The boy wants neutral hues for the house. Browns and Greys possibly.

Here’s some inspiration i got from Google 🙂

These colour combi would be more suitable for the bedroom. So cosy and dreamy.

I love dark colours as feature walls but i fear it wouldn’t be appropriate for H/D/B Flats cos of it’s size and all.

Grey and Dark Brown looks great together!

I like the powder blue + brown combi. So refreshing to see.

I can’t wait to start decorating our new place! Wonder when i’m gonna get those keys!

4 thoughts on “Love Nest Inspirations”

  1. WOAHHHHH bestnyaaaaaaa!!!! I am so happy for you! Myself,we only have to paint the bedroom first lor. Coz we have yet to have a house to call our own. =)

    1. No worries babe, one day u will also feel the excitement of having ya own house. One advantage for u, tak yah pikir pasal rumah. Just concentrate on the wedding!

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