Musings of a Bride

I do.

I love this song currently and am contemplating to use it for my 2nd March-in.
This would be my choice until another cute song comes along.

I have always wanted a cheerful song instead of the conventional songs like “From This Moment On”.
Although it’s really, really nice and meaningful, i don’t think it reflects both me and the boy cos we both love catchy songs.

Maybe we could have a sappy song for the cake-cutting, which we still have not decided on.

Talking about songs, i might be singing with the boy’s bandmates since we are gonna have a Live Band from his parents band and an Acoustic set from the boy’s band.

It probably be an acoustic set though cos i get stage-fright very easily hence the multiple rejections each time the band request me to sing during events. lol

But i figured since it’s MY wedding, and i know most of the people anyway, i should just sing, but probably after the cake-cuttin, pasal time tu tak lah ramai orang sangat. muahahaha

So far, the only song i can think of right now is Michael Buble’s Everything cos it just reflects what i think of the boy and that song, it makes me smile each time it’s on the radio.

7 more months to go, baby!

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