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The sneak peek to the new home.

Yesterday, me and the boy went down to inspect our new home with the officer from the HDB Branch Office. Everything was fine, no patchy ceilings, toilets were fine, everything was to our liking except that the floors at the Living Room and Bedrooms are quite bumpy and i have to get them to flatten it for me.

I also met the contractor from Supreme Floors who is gonna do our floorings for him to measure our area and give us a quotation for Laminate Floorings. Will tell you more about our floor choices at the next post because that deserves a post by itself.

It was surreal to be in the house where we will be staying together in future. It was a mixed feelings of being happy and worried of having to be independent very very soon.

But since we be bringing his parents over, i am quite confident we’ll get through it. 🙂

A sneak peek on the new home.

The common toilet.
It is relatively spacious but i don’t quite like the colour of the floorings and the tiles.
But, at least we save $$ on renovation costs.
The kitchen is small but believe me, it looks bigger than my mom’s kitchen. Or most of my friends kitchen. So no complains and smaller kitchen means lesser cleaning to do. haha

The 2 Bedrooms.
One of it will be for his parents and one of it will be for our Entertainment purposes.
The Master Bedroom Toilet

The Master Bedroom is huge enough for the two of us. It should be enough to fit ion a bed, wardrobe and a dressing table.

I know the angle of the pictures are weird but these are what i managed to grab from HDB website prior to us selecting this flat. I took some other pictures yesterday but i didn’t bring my camera cables to work today so maybe i’ll upload it later.

I’m so excited, i can’t wait for HDB to invite us to collect the keys in April hopefully. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The sneak peek to the new home.”

  1. Woo!! Your house looks spacious indeed! I can't wait to see my home for the first time… I'm sure it'll be so exciting!

    Hey do post up pictures for your home inspiration looks too ok? :)))

  2. Thanks sofie! I'm glad it turns out be more spacious than how i imagined it to be. lol

    I'm sure you'll be excited once you can step into your new home.

    I'm trying to see what i can do with the home bit by bit. It's gonna be exciting!

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