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Dollars & Cents

Just how hard is it to manage the Wedding Finances and keep within your budget?

Very hard!

I was browsing through and looking for ideas on how to manage your budget for weddings or a checklist but most of it are for wedding-wedding Mat Saleh.

So i came up with a modified version. Suitable for Malay Weddings.
It is quite comprehensive and should be able to cover all aspects of a Malay Wedding.

But lumrah manusia, mesti ada yang terlupa. So if you think ada yang tertinggal tu, pepandai lah tambah sendiri k cos this is done on an Excel Sheet so it’s easy for you to add and delete whatever you think is necessary. 🙂

Please download the files below:

Budget and Checklist for Engagements

Budget and Checklist for Malay Weddings

Hope these would be useful for you!

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