Musings of a Bride

Oh, Mother Hen!

I was browsing through my picture folders and i saw pictures from the previous Hen Nights with my girlfriends. So far, three of my close girlfriends have got hitched and we never fail to organise Hen parties.

It can be a simple do’ or an elaborate one. We just need a reason to celebrate!

WARNING: It’s gonna be a lengthy post with loads of pictures cos after all, there are 3 Hen parties.

But if you are currently organising a hen party for your girlfriends or even yourself, you are welcomed to curik some idea! 🙂

The Hen parties are all clean fun so if you are expecting to see Male strippers etc, you are going to be quite dissapointed. hee.

  1. Caca’s Hen Party

Caca is one of my longest friend ever. We have known each other from Nursery.
We went to the same Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School and remain friend’s till now.
It has been about 21 years now? and counting!

We went to this Hotel at Balmoral Road called VIP Hotel which is a budget hotel at Orchard Road and not so sleazy. haha

The Theme is Pink Pajamas Party. We have to wear pajamas or sleepwear and it must be pink.
This was our first Hen Party so we kept it simple. It was just decoration, lotsa foods and games to keep us occupied. We also blasted music and had our own private party and annoyed the hotel staffs. It was really fun cos we started asking the bride-to-be really mushy and naughty questions. lol

Apart from that, we sure did a whole lot of camwhoring!

All my good friends!


♥ Me and the Bride-to-Be. ♥


Ever heard of naughty Scrabble? This is it!


The candles that accompanied our night.


♥ ♥ ♥


2. Nini Hen Night 

Nini is one of my bestie. We have known each other from Secondary School, so it was really exciting to plan her Hen Party!

Since this was our 2nd Hen party, we decided to be more elaborate with the deco and the theme. Read on to find out more.

We pasted lots of our pictures over the years together for memories sake. It was really nice to view old pictures and reminisce.




We decided to go with a somewhat “Bring-Your-Own” theme. But we must put on heavy makeup and wigs. That is why you see all of us like a drag queen. lol

me and oh-so-thick-makeup


me and the zombie-bride-to-be


i find this picture sangat freaky.


sar – arabic princess




nilam the grecian goddess

nini – ju-on bride

dee – geylang hooker. lol

me and nilam.
i ♥ this wig. Contemplating to cut my hair like this.
but it will be very high-maintenance. le sigh.

3. Ira’s Hen Party 

Next up is Ira’s Hen Party and this time round, we did a Spa Party instead at Spa Le Kraton.

It was a great spa experience but because we had to do our spa treatments and be quiet, it was not as kecoh as the previous two. However, we compensated with a great dinner and a talk-talk session at Vivocity. (you know yang kat rooftop.. aaaah sgt lah best. rasa mcm zaman muda dulu2, dok melepak sampai malam.)

The syiok thing about the Spa Party is that Spa Le Kraton actually closed the spa for 3 hours for us. So we were the only patrons there and we have total privacy and could do whatever we wanted to. If i can remember correctly, we only paid $98.00 for a 3hr treatment which consists of Spa, Body Scrub, ear candling and something else ah.. Cannot remember.

So that’s it. the 3 Hen Parties i have organised for my girlfriends.

Tips for Hen Parties:

  • Do something that you know you girlfriend will appreciate and not cringe when she has her surprise. For example, if you wanna call a male stripper, make sure she is up for it and her partner do not mind that much. 
  • Have a Theme Colour and make sure everyone follows!
  • Keep it to a close circle friend if you wish to have some bonding time but do a large party if you know the bride-to-be is a Party chick!
  • Research, research, research for the best Hen Night Package. If you want a spa package, make sure it has the things u want, like a body scrub etc but do ask if they are flexible with their package because not everyone will want the same package as you.
  • Always pay for the bride-to-be. It is just a courtesy gift for her. However, do sit down with your other girlfriends and work out what would be the ideal budget.

With that, happy planning for your Hen Party!

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