Musings of a Bride

Pocket full of flowers

The boy and I were talking about how our wedding would be like. Trust me, the boy does not talk about weddings very often because guys being guys, they don’t really like weddings don’t they. They are not fascinated with the colour scheme and what not’s.

So when we were just sitting in the car, he was talking about the wedding decos etc.

I whooped silently and took the chance to bombard him with my wedding ideas. lol

As i have guessed, wedding planning will prove to be a difficult task.
He is kinda particular about things like colours etc.
His favourite is black, black and black and maybe also red.

There is no way i’m gonna have Black & Red for my wedding.
No offence to anyone having a Red & Black Wedding but it is just not me.

He does not like Pink while i Love Pink immensely.

So we have decided, it will be a bit of White, a little bit of Pink (only baby pink is allowed) and a little touch of black. I only allow a bit of black. No black Table or Chair Covers. lol.

I showed him Jentayu’s website and while he love some of the deco, when i told him that their deco starts from $4500, i swear i saw him ‘telan air liur’. Macam ada speech bubble kat atas kepala dia “$4500 tu aku boleh begi guitar fender 2 Biji ngan Amp sekali.”

So i showed him Kasaisayang’s website instead (and all these are done thru my iphone!)

He loved it! *happy dance*

Our Favourite Deco so far: The English Garden.

For more pictures of the deco, click here

However, i would prefer to have more pink! Maybe baby pink pillows?
See those Black Feathers? Itu pun jadi lah eh.. lol

Some other deco from them that I like are:

For more pictures of the deco, click here

This would be nice too but probably with Pink flowers instead!

Another colour i won’t rule out would be Gold & Cream like this one.

For more pictures of the deco, click here

This would surely be a hit with our parents! 🙂

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