Pregnancy, Second Trimester


No i did got into a tub and do a rub-a-dub-dub per se but i went for my 2nd pre-natal massage today!
i did my 1st pre-natal massage at 22 weeks because nobody would massage any pregnant woman if they are not at least 20 weeks.

My 1st pre-natal massage was done by Pre & Post Natal Massage and it was a home service.
Nothing to shout about so i didn’t blog about it. It wasn’t very bad but it wasn’t spectacular. I rate massage service by how relaxed i feel during and after the massage. If i fall asleep during the massage, then it’s good enough for me because i have very unusual sleeping pattern, i don’t fall asleep very easily.

During the 1st massage, i was tensed. Not sure if it’s because that was the 1st time i’m having a massage since i got pregnant so naturally i was paranoid if she was hurting the baby etc. Lol
Secondly, because it was done on my bed and my bed is quite low, it was a bit difficult for her to move around etc and i didn’t feel much relief after the massage. In fact i was aching all over. Macam kena langgar truck.
After she left my place, i slept and woke up aching all over again and i had subtle cramps. But they said it’s normal to feel like that after a massage cos of the blood-flow etc.

My massage today was done at Beauty Mum & Babies by Bodywork Clinic at Paragon. Location wise, it’s a convenient 20mins bus ride away from home. The place itself is ok lah. Not fancy-schmancy like some boutique spa. It felt more like a private clinic actually but quite comfortable and importantly, the aircon wasn’t blasting like nobody’s business. I hate it when the room is too cold during a massage especially cos you’re mostly naked and to have the aircon blasting on you is quite uncomfortable and i’ll end up shivering and that’s quite embarassing. Hahaha

My massage therapist, Alle asked which area i prefer to concentrate on and i told her mainly my lower back and my hips area. They were aching so bad! There’ll be days i can’t even roll over in bed because it was aching too bad.
So Alle concentrated on that area immediately and i fell asleep shortly.
The pressure was just nice. Usually, i would have requested for a harder pressure but Rusly told me to be mindful and not go overboard with the pressure. Partly also cos the lower back is quite sensitive for the baby especially if baby is facing the back.

With pre-natal massage, instead of lying flat on your tummy, you’ll be asked to lie down on your sides and they’ll have a long bolster for you to hug and place your legs on and they won’t touch your tummy at all.

Price-wise, i got a trial session from them at the Baby Fair at $39.00 only but the usual price is $150.00. Expensive i know.
But they were promoting a Pre-Natal package at $399 for 5 sessions and it’ll work out to be around $80.00 per session which is fine for me because that’s the average of what i usually pay for my monthly¬†massage.

I’ve not really decided if¬†i should take up the package. I did place a $50 deposit but if i decide not to take up the package, i just need to top up another $100 for 1 pre-natal massage session. According to them, i can do the massage till 37 weeks. So that’ll be a once-every 2 weeks massage session till i reach the full term. Very tempting if you ask me but not sure if i really really need it. if i do take up the package, i’ll take it as a pampering session before i give birth.

Ahhh.. decisions.. decisions.