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New York City Day 5

We went to see Statue of Liberty on this day! Since we didn’t purchase the New York pass, i searched for my own tour package and found it over at Viator. Got ourselves a Statue of Liberty Express Cruise by Zephyr at US$17.99 per pax.


It was pretty straightforward. We took the subway to South Street station and then walk to South Street Seaport. They have different departure timings per day so u choose which you prefer but i would recommend going there at least 1 hour before departure time to exchange your paper confirmation for an actual ticket.


We dropped by a Supermarket at South Street before heading to the Pier to get lunch! Love the supermarkets there cos they sell these quick takeaways cos the New Yorkers are always on the go! So we grabbed some sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, drinks & just hang around the pier till it’s time to get onboard.

Our nasib a bit kentang on that day cos the weather went up to 28 degs unexpectedly! After days of enjoying cooling weather, 28 degs macam lemau sikit. Tak sedar diri, padahal negeri sendiri weather 30degs upwards hari2. hahaha.

We were quite lucky cos we saw the queue forming up and then quickly join in cos the queue behind us was snaking long! If we didn’t queue up early, i don’t think we can get the good seats we got! So yes, part ni bagus ada trait singaporean kiasu.


We took the seats outside cos boleh enjoy sea breeze and unobstructed views cos no windows and all!


The Cruise covers the Manhattan skyline, Ellis Island, Liberty Island, Empire State Building & Brooklyn Bridge. A bit menyesal tak explore Brooklyn Bridge but honestly that day macam hari malas pulak nak jalan jauh2. Should have just went ahead with it, tapi takpe lah. Dah balik singapore pun.

The much awaited Statue of Liberty. Kecik jugak seh the statue. Is it just me or i expected it to be really huge? We didn’t opt for the option to drop off at the Liberty island also cos malas nak rempuh the crowd. So yeah, this was good enough!

If you ask me if it’s worth travelling  down to South Street, i say Yes! Even if you don’t like Liberty, the cruise itself was quite nice, worth the $ and the trip downtown!

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