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New York Planning I

After getting the tickets and getting a little excited (and even starting to plan what to wear there semua), i stopped planning the New York trip last week cos i was so busy. But this week i’m back to thinking about the trip and i don’t even know where to start. Lol.

I gotta start doing a rough draft based on the number of days we have and the proximity of the places etc. I want to do a rough itinerary 1st before deciding on the New York Pass cos i’m not sure how many days we’ll need to cover the main attractions i wanna see.

Anyway, the New York pass also no hurry sangat cos it’s available all the time. I probably will wait for one of their Holidays cos sure got some promo. They had a Mother’s Day Promo the other time and i’m sure they’ll have another one soon.

Still undecided on Hotels or AirBnb although as usual i’m more inclined towards the latter cos of space issues. To be honest the prices between Hotels & Airbnbs in New York, not much difference cos Airbnb rates are pretty much at the $300+ range. But space wise, a LOT of difference. New York Hotels are really tiny. While i know we can’t afford to have a baby cot in it, we’re hoping for at least a King Bed or a couch in the room. Cos during our trip to Japan, Rusly preferred sleeping on the sofa bed instead cos really korang, Nadya takes up a lot of bed space. I’m not kidding. Then we have two massive luggages and a hand-carry and a stroller. I doubt we’ll have space to move around. Cos even the small studio apartment we had in Japan pun cukup makan. The New York hotels look even tinier! Lol

We kinda set a budget of max S$350 per night for accommodation and i think that’s a decent amount lah. We can get Row NYC with that budget definitely and if we ever decide on hotels, i think Row NYC would be our 1st choice due to it’s price and location.

Location pun satu masalah actually. I really want to be in Times Square cos u know, it’s convenient. (Sephora at my doorstep kind of convenient. Hahaha) but i’m scared of the noise. Not for me & Rusly cos kita memang jenis kebencian mak-mak seluruh dunia. Tido mati, nak bangun pagi pun susah. But Nadya, garbage truck kat bawah rumah kalau pass by, even with windows closed, she will wake up. Or bunyi orang tutup pintu van. So that could pose a problem. I don’t want to handle jet-lag and a baby who can’t sleep at night.

So i’m considering Upper East Side as well which is nearer to Central Park. Also aku leh feeling Gossip Girl cos they’re Upper East Siders. Hahahaha. Although kalau aku berangan nak tinggal macam Penthouse Blair Waldorf or the Palace Hotel, aku anak beranak mengemis tepi jalan after 3 days in NYC. Pretty obvious i’m a GG fan, eh? I’m obsessed over the show. I’m even rewatching it now. You think i can meet Chuck Bass there? Lol


I found this visual Manhattan Map online and thought it’s genius! Great for us to visualise which area to consider staying at and also help us plan our sight-seeing trips better although to be honest i think all the attractions are very close to each other.

So hopefully by the next update, i would have booked the accommodation already and decide on where to go etc!

(masih tau nak gossip girl reference. hahahaha)

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  1. Haha I’m a GG fan too! I read the books and watches the series though I didn’t finish the entire series in the end. Would love to read more of your planning entry who knows one day can go but so scary to go NY with Maliq cause our trip to Greece he drained us out hahaha.

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