double be gone.


So this week, everybody were talking about Angelina Jolie double masectomy.
I went for a swim earlier and a group of girls were talking about it at the changing room as well and making jokes about it.

My take on this: Ehhhh dia punya boobies, dia punya suka ler.

But in all honesty, i think she must have already pikir tiga, sepuloh kali maybe before making this decision and what i feel is, she should know better of how it feels to see your loved ones suffering from cancer and i’m pretty sure she had her children interests at heart, hence the decision to continue with the procedure.

My mother detected her lump early and was able to have it removed before it gets too late and as we all know, breast cancer is hereditary.
So sometimes, i do get paranoid when i feel there’s something wrong with mine. Like when it’s aching too much etc.

A classmate of mine detected her breast cancer quite late and had to remove one of hers and i remembered crying because i can feel her pain of having to remove one of her breast at such a young age.

So yes, my point is, it is so easy for us to poke fun at her and make insensitive remarks at the situation.

But what if it happen to us or our loved ones?


1 thought on “double be gone.”

  1. After seeing so many friends going through women’s cancer (breast, cervical, vaginal), I will never again make fun of any woman’s decision to get a mastectomy or even womb removal. It’s a painful decision to remove these that make us a woman. And so, please eat loads of green leafy veggies! Hehe. They are the best defense against cancerous cells.

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