Trying To Conceive

of charting & temping

Another thing i have been doing lately is taking my Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and charting it on Fertility Friend.

Now this requires dedication because the rules of charting your BBT are:

  • it has to be done every single day at the same timing. so if you recorded your 1st temp at 6.30am, the subsequent one has to be at the same timing. Senang cakap, hari2 kena bangun at 6.30am to temp, even on weekends.
  • Prior to temping, when u wake up, u are not supposed to move too much or talk or breathe. So it would be good if you place your Basal Thermometer just next to your bed so that when the alarm goes off, you can pick it up with minimal movement. Because movements etc affects your temperature and it may not be accurate.
  • You can only use Basal Thermometer for this. Normal digital Thermometer is not acceptable. The only difference is the decimal point aje. Basal Thermometer has 2 decimal point so it is more accurate.
  • You must have at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Basal Thermometers can be found at Guardian. Tak salah below $15.00? This is how it looks like.

The only problem with BBT charting is that, u can only detect ovulation after it has happened and not before. This is because after ovulation, you will have a prominent temperature hike. That’s how u know you have ovulated and by then it would be too late to do anything which is why it is also important to test on ovulation kits because they can detect ovulation 2 days before it happens.

But i feel that BBT charting helps to assure you that you are indeed ovulating that cycle and once u have started BBT Charting for a t least 3 months, you should see a pattern forming and you should be able to figure when would your ovulation is likely to happen next cycle.

I tried BBT Charting previously but i wasn’t consistent. some nights i bangun, kadang2 tak bangun, then i gave up.

Then last March, i decided to just go on and chart and see my own pattern.

Here is my BBT Chart! (click to view large image)
BBT Chart

The one i have circled in red is my ovulation date. Fertility Friend have also detected it as my ovulation date. The reason why i know i’m not pregnant is because mmy temperature kept on going down down down down..

If you are pregnant, your temps should be on the higher side. Like this BBT chart i took off from Google.

BBT Chart 2

So yes, at least i know i am ovulating, even though at freaking CD35!!!
orang lain dahhabis cycle, aku baru nak ovulate. I swear my body ni kira macam pakai dial-up connection.

ok abrupt end here.. cos i wanna eat my bread with nutella.



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