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u are what you eat

Continuing from the previous post, i have never thought what i eat and don’t eat, what i do and don’t do could affect my womb.

I have been seeing a Traditional Chinese Doctor (Sinseh) ever since my colleague got pregnant from eating her meds. Her meds was able to make me ovulate earlier but, because i tak biasa makan ni herba2 entah apa tah.. i had a hard time drinking it. Macam nak muntah ok! Cos rasa dia pahit gila lah.

The sinseh checked my pulse and mentioned that i have a cold womb which is not conducive for conceiving. Which is kinda true cos between me and my husband, i get cold really easily. But then again, laki aku jenis polar bear. Duduk bawah aircon pun dia tak rasa apa. So the sinseh told me what to refrain from eating/drinking:

  • No cold fizzy drinks
  • No ice especially
  • No cold fruits or vegetables like cucumber, kangkong etc. Anything that is supposed to cool down my body is a no-no.
  • I have to eat stuff like Chicken Essence, Durian, Mango etc cos these are the heatier stuff and luckily i love them all!
  • Use socks when i sleep
  • Don’t bath late at night

Honestly, it is very very hard to stop drinking cold drinks. I try hard but sometimes i play cheat ah. Like who can resist a cold Coke in a weather like this sey!

I’ll be going to the Sinseh again in May and try and take her meds religiously now.
Tahan je lah bau busuk tu. Asalkan it allows me to ovulate early.

Apart from that, few of my colleagues have told me to get a Makcik urut to do “sengkak”. Now this my friend, must be done by someone u can trust ok? Cos ni tempat beranak kalau salah urut, boleh membawak padah yo! So i went ahead with this Kakak urut who does urut for orang bersalin etc. She stays at Bedok but does home service. Those who are familiar with “sengkak” would often heard that it hurts a lot.

Amazingly, kakak ni urut tak sakit. Really.
She said it is not supposed to be painful, unless you have underlying problems like cysts etc. It was very relaxing and she did told me after the message, don’t be surprised if you’ll be spotting etc and indeed, i was spotting brown the next few days which only means she managed to push out all the old blood.

This kakak urut also advised me few do’s and don’ts which i find really interesting.

  • she also mentioned to wear socks during sleep. She said angin kalau masok dalam badan kita, it will go from our feet to our legs and then stop at our back. That is why sometimes we have really backaches.
  • she mentioned it is better for women to travel in cars instead of motorbikes. Because when the bike naik hump, u pun ikut terhenjut sekali kan? When u land back on your seat, all those actions will make your tempat beranak ter-turun sikit. and to think i spent 6 years riding my ex-bf bike. le sigh.
  • she also mentioned the younger generation finds it harder to conceive because of our lifestyle. In school, we are very active, lari sana sini. I played netball back in primary and secondary school. So now u know kenapa nenek2 kita suka cakap “jadi pompuan tak mau lasak sangat”.
  • lagi satu dia nasihat, bila kita bangun tido, jangan bangun macam that sit-up position. Turn to your sides and then get up from your sides.
  • No carrying of heavy things which i am really used to cos im so used to being independent, i do things myself including carrying heavy boxes of wedding invites when i collect them. So, the husband has got to do it now.
  • Jangan tendang barang berat using our legs. Now this i feel is a common thing we all do kan? But she said this is something we must not do. Putting pressure on our legs cos it will all go back to our abdomen area.

Cool uh? I seriously got no idea lor.
Bangun tido selalu perasan dah lambat, kelam kabut nak bangun, asalkan tak jatuh katil dah kira bagus.

And this, she said should be practised even before we get married, so you guys yang nak ada anak cepat, amalkan dari sekarang okie!

Another thing i’m currently taking is the Blackmores Conceive Well Supplements which looks like this:

Basically it is a pre-natal supplement that is recommended for us to take way before you plan to conceive. It contains Folic Acid which is important for us girls.
But must warn you, benda ni pun busuk nak mampus. What’s up withh all these ubat2 busuk ni? Oh and is having 35% off for these till 21 April if you are interested. I’m just taking this because it has all the vitamins that we need. I very tak kuasa nak telan pill satu2.

With that being said, i wish i know all these before i got married. So i’m paying this forward. If you girls have long, irregular menses like me, read up and find out what you can do to rectify it before you guys gets married okie!

12 thoughts on “u are what you eat”

  1. oh mann, so many cold things to avoid! and you’re right, how to not drink coke in this weather!

    i have a terbalik problem than you, my body is very heatyyyy, i get nosebleeds all the time and even husband complains dia macam tidur sebelah heater because i emit a lot of heat!! (i told him “i tau i hot…”)

    anywayyy. i wish you well on this journey babe, insyaallah you’ll get a baby soon, and here’s to many more smiley faces on the OPTs!

    1. i know right especially now. Baru mandi, kluar bilik air, forehead dah berpeluh.
      APA MAKNA SEMUA INI!!! lol

      I have a friend who emits heat like you! hahaha
      u senang berpeluh eh babe? My husband letak dia kat kopitiam je dia berpeluh.

      For me, it will take me a bit of a crowd before i sweat.

      1. the thing is, i don’t really berpeluhhh! i don’t know why, i just emit heat. fdr yang kuat berpeluh (i think it’s a guy thing!)

        even during the wedding yang berpeluh was only my… misai. hahahahahahahhahahahah.

  2. Hi hi, the things you mention about what the makcik urut says is exactly what my makcik urut also say… so many pantang kan! Nyways do you mind sharing with me the Chinese TCM that you are going to. Maybe I could try as well. šŸ™‚ Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes! When i read Forums, all those chinese ladies, lagi banyak pantang. Tea pun tak leh minum except for the Longan Red Date Tea, which i really have no idea how to prepare. Lol

      Here are the details babe:
      Fu Nan Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre
      Blk 152 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 St.11 #01-266.
      Tel : 6896 1618
      Physician Su

      Operating hours:
      Mon: 8.30am – 12pm / 6-9pm
      Tue: 8.30am – 12pm
      Wed: 8.30am – 12pm
      Thu: Closed
      Fri: 8.30am – 12pm / 6-9pm
      Sat: 1.30pm – 5pm
      Sun: 8.30am – 12pm
      PH: Closed

  3. Thanks babe for sharing. Do let us know if it works. Currently I’m taking LD Venus from Elken which contained some chinese medicine. It is said to repair whatever problem u have in ur womb. Really hope it works. Wish u well in ur TTC journey.

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