blows off dust

How long has it been since i said hello?

Been pretty busy with work cos the CE is happening like next week so the whole department is in a frenzy and sometimes i can’t even kickstart my mind. I don’t know where to start 1st. lol

Other than that i’ve been pretty good. I spend most days after work cooking for the boy and watching Korean Dramas. I feel so makcik2 i know and i recently got hooked to Korean dramas again after so long.

Not something me or the boy like though. I can spend my entire weekend just watching Korea Drama. *slaps forehead*

I kind of need a short getaway but i just can’t seem to find when can we do that.

April is a no-no cos i have few workshops to run that month and i don’t think my leave will get approved.

May pun tak boleh pasal it’s our Car birthday month and duit banyak kluar that month. Banyak gila. lol So tak payah lah aku nak menambahkan lagik expenses for the month.

June is school holidays and i hate going for trips during school holidays.
July dah puasa. Abih bila masanya aku nak gi holiday? Takkan tunggu lepas Raya?
Dah september tu. 😦

Maybe ajak husben ku gi Sentosa je lah, main air.

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